Jurassic Green God Roll guide in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021 

Jurassic Green Legendary pulse rifle (Image via Bungie)
Jurassic Green Legendary pulse rifle (Image via Bungie)

The latest edition of Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost features Eva Levante alongside multiple claimable rewards from the Tower. With multiple options to choose from in the inventory, it has been merely a few hours since the players got access to the new variants. These include Horror Story and Braytech Werewolf auto rifles, alongside the brand new pulse rifle known as Jurassic Green.

The weapon in question here is the pulse rifle variant, being one of many in the game already. Destiny 2 Season of the Lost lets players equip Unstoppable modification for the pulse rifles, further making the weapon useful inside PvE. It is also one of the most common weapons in PvP, making it versatile for multiple perks throughout the game.

Best perks players can look for in Jurassic Green at Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost

All Guardians participating in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021 can use their remaining Ascendant Lens from last year. A total of three Jurassic Green pulse rifles can be acquired from Mara Sov after turning in the Ascendant Lens currency. They can be found within the miscellaneous section inside the Flair tab.

The Legendary pulse rifle itself is a rapid-fire frame, with 540 RPM paired with pretty average stats. Other variants of the same archetype, such as Darkest Before, have similar stats to go with. Although it doesn't fall behind in any way from other weapons, the starting numbers for Jurassic Green cannot be deemed as best in Destiny 2 by any means.

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Pulse Rifles have been a meta inside the PvP for quite some time now in Destiny 2. It generally consists of a three-burst firing type, allowing players inside PvP to take advantage against the Guardians with some additional distance as well.

Remember the lost.Gather round the campfire and celebrate Festival of the Lost.🎃

The general idea behind a pulse rifle varies with activities. Guardians usually go for anything that can grant the weapon enough range and stability to easily bring down an opposing Guardian. On the other hand, PvE perks can consist of something that can apply to a decent number enemies and add kill as fast as possible.

For PvE, Guardians can go for Corkscrew Rifling and Armor Piercing Rounds in the Barrel and Magazine slots. Subsistence is a decent choice where the weapon partially reloads itself after a kill. It can be paired with Adrenaline Junkie, where the weapon deals bonus damage after grenade kills.

For a more PvP approach, Ricochet rounds alongside Rangefinder and Dragonfly are good perks as well.

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