'Kind girl' vs. 'Sexy little thing': Robert Pattinson discusses how the heroines of Final Fantasy VII taught him about love

Robert Pattinson once again described his love for Final Fantasy VII (Image via Square Enix, The Guardian)
Robert Pattinson once again described his love for Final Fantasy VII (Image via Square Enix, The Guardian)
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Final Fantasy VII may have been released years back with its remake already released (a part of it), and it has captivated all types of players, including Hollywood celebrities.

Robert Pattinson became just one of the many players to admit his love for the two iconic characters from the 1997 game - Aerith and Tifa. Aerith vs. Tifa has been a battle for the entire community, with each fan base stating why their favorite one is the best girl for Cloud.


Contrastingly different in design and characteristics, Aerith and Tifa have made their iconic places. Robert Pattinson also stated this difference in a recent interview with Clique. Pattinson is currently promoting The Batman with co-star Zoe Kravitz, and it was to her that Pattinson was trying to explain the game.

While there are many different elements to the classic RPG by Square Enix, Pattinson emphasized the role played by Tifa and Aerith.

Robert Pattinson explains how Tifa and Aerith increased his love for Final Fantasy VII

Robert Pattinson's love for Final Fantasy VII isn't new, but he was trying to explain the game's specialty to Zoe. It's usually a battle between fans for Aerith and Tifa. While Pattinson did emphasize the differences, he also stated how the two characters helped him understand emotions.

Robert Pattinson talking about Final Fantasy 7 and how he was in love with Aeris and Tifa for Clique X. #TheBatman

As Pattinson states, Tifa and Aerith are opposites guys can have.

"I was in love with Aerith and Tifa! Everybody wants to have both. It's the two sides, it's the two options of girls you can have."

To help Zoe understand better, Pattinson explains the two different roles of the heroines in detail. About Aerith, Pattinson mentions Aerith's role in the game.

"She's like the really kind girl who, her superpower is to heal everyone and make the world a better place."

Tifa has always been the 'hotter' one in certain senses, and the actor also didn't mention that.

"And then Tifa's like this sexy little thing, who's a thief and stuff, she wears the short skirt, and you're like, 'I can't decide!'"

Despite their different styles, the two heroines helped Pattinson understand love.

"And then Aerith dies! Then Aerith, right at her peak, gets killed. This is how every guy figures out what love is."

Zoe found the choices pretty amusing.

"Either the one that's going to heal everything or the one in the short skirt? These are the options?"

However, the debate continues among the Final Fantasy faithful about who the best girl is in Square Enix's classic RPG.

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