League of Legends' brand new Jax mid-scope update: Release date, expected changes, and more

Jax is set to get his highly anticipated mid-scope update in patch 13.1 in League of Legends (Image via Riot Games)
Jax is set to get his highly anticipated mid-scope update in patch 13.1 in League of Legends (Image via Riot Games)

Jax, one of the most popular champions in League of Legends, is going to get his highly anticipated mid-scope update very soon. This update will make him even stronger and remove any form of weakness that currently exists within his kit.

As such, the exact release date and the expected changes from Jax's mid-scope update have been discussed in detail in this article. The aforementioned information was provided very recently by the lead champion designer for League of Legends, Riot August.

The Jax midscope update will be showing up on PBE tomorrow (12/2). Planned patch is 13.1. Feedback is welcome! Jax's update is on the smaller side and mainly focused on making his ult more exciting/interesting to cast. We're also bumping up his AP build for burst enthusiasts!

It is important to remember that unlike other champions like Ahri who needed a lot of work, Jax is already quite good. He is quite popular in China and South Korea where players like 369, Breathe, and Zeus love to play him against certain matchups which are considered overpowered in the west.

Hence, for Jax, the changes are quite minimal and fans will not find it hard to get used to the same.

Jax's mid-scope update will release in League of Legends along with patch 13.1

Jax's mid-scope update in League of Legends is set to arrive on the PBE version of the game on December 2, 2022. Players who want to test him out can join the PBE server. However, Riot August has initially confirmed that there might be bugs with regard to his VFX, SFX, and animations.

The developers are currently planning the official release of this mid-scope update alongside patch 13.1, which will mark the beginning of Season 13 in January 2023. Hence, players will get around a month to try this new Jax, provide feedback, and get anything changed if they feel it is needed.

The developers will continuously monitor that feedback and try to provide as many updates as possible. In any case, it is now time to move on to the changes to his kit.

He's still being polished, so there may be some VFX/SFX/anims missing or broken initially on PBE. We'll get those fixed up ASAP

Changes to Jax's kit through his mid-scope update in League of Legends

In his Tweet, Riot August mentioned that Jax is not getting as big of a change as certain other champions. Most of his kit is being left untouched and they are only trying to address two very specific aspects with this update.

The first one is that they want to make his ultimate more exciting and secondly they want to make AP Jax builds viable. This will become clearer once players see the changes to his kit.


  • No Changes


  • AP Ratio: 60% >>> Removed


  • No Changes


  • Damage: 55-155 (+50% Bonus AD) physical damage >>> 55-175 +4% max health (+100% AP) magic damage
  • Bonus damage per attack dodged: 20% of total damage >>> 20% of base damage


  • Damage: 100/140/180 (+70% AP) >>> 100-150 (+60% AP)
  • Added VFX and SFX when the passive attack is ready
  • Jax will swing his lantern around and deal 150-300% (+100% AP) magic damage to all nearby enemies. Once he hits a champion, he will gain 10-40 (+ 0.1 bonus AD) Armor and Magic Resist, plus 14-22 (+0.1 Bonus AD) per champion hit for 8 seconds. While this is active, the passive damage will apply for every 2nd attack instead of 3rd

Thus, it is quite clear that the developers want Jax to have a lot more burst potential in League of Legends. Understandably, only two of his skills are being altered, mainly because he is already a very strong champion.

However, these changes will make him much more versatile and provide players with a lot more variety within the game. Apart from that, it will also enhance Jax's strength as a champion against several matchups that rely on bursting the enemy down as quickly as possible.

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