League of Legends LEC power rankings: Summer Split 2022 edition

The best and the worst teams from LEC 2022 Summer Split (Image via Riot Games)
The best and the worst teams from LEC 2022 Summer Split (Image via Riot Games)

The 2022 Summer Split of League of Legends' LEC is set to start in only 2 days. This is by far one of the most entertaining and competitive tournaments in the entire world.

Therefore, in this article, all of the teams who will be taking part in League of Legends LEC 2022 Summer Split have been ranked. There will be a few changes from the Spring Split as well, since this time, the true potential of every team will be revealed.

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While there might be surprises when the tournament starts, it is crucial to keep in mind that LEC has the best-of-one format in the regular season, unlike LPL and LCK. Therefore, the regular season of the tournament can lead to very different results when compared to the playoffs.

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Every team participating in League of Legends LEC 2022 Summer Split ranked from best to worst

In the rankings of League of Legends LEC 2022 Summer Split, S stands for the best and D stands for the weakest. The rankings will be followed by an overview. The rankings are as follows:

S: G2 Esports, Fnatic, Rogue

A: Team Vitality, MAD Lions

B: XL, Misfits Gaming

C: SK Gaming, Team BDS

D: Astralis

When it comes to the Summer Split of League of Legends' LEC, one important aspect is the team's ability to maintain their mental fortitude. With a strong mental fortitude, a team can push further into the tournament by securing wins.

It is crucial to remember that finishing at the top of the table during the regular season does not matter as much as many might have seen Rogue do that regularly and fail to win the split regardless. The objective is to keep learning and grow as a team.

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The playoffs of the Summer Split is when the teams reach their absolute peak and the true competition begins. Apart from that, the regular season consists of the best of ones, where the results are often quite volatile and do not reflect the true story.

Thus, the rankings provided in this article are more catered towards the overall Summer Split of League of Legends LEC, rather than differentiating between the regular season and playoffs. In other words, these rankings are presented depending on the chance a team has to grab the trophy.

One of the vital things that fans should remember is that G2 Esports probably might look a bit weak during the first three weeks as the team traveled to League of Legends' MSI and had very little time to rest or scrim.

As a result, Fnatic, Rogue, Team Vitality, and the MAD Lions should look more dominant at the beginning. Eventually, G2 Esports will scale and catch up with the rest. Lastly, XL might be a surprise factor this season as the team is supposedly doing very well in scrims.

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