5 best ADCs to look for at League of Legends LCK 2022 Summer Split

The best ADCs who will make a mark at League of Legends LCK 2022 Summer Split (Image via Riot Games)
The best ADCs who will make a mark at League of Legends LCK 2022 Summer Split (Image via Riot Games)

League of Legends LCK has arguably some of the best Attack-Damage Carry (ADC) players in the entire world. Some big legends in this role have come from this region in the past and dominated the scene massively.

Hence, it is vital to look at the various next-generation ADCs from LCK who are looking to dominate the scene in the coming days. Fortunately, fans will get to witness them during the League of Legends LCK 2022 Summer Split itself.

In this article, five such ADCs from League of Legends Champions Korea have been considered who will make the most difference for their teams. Lists like this are always subjective, and fans can have their own opinions regarding the players.

Gumayusi and 4 other ADCs from League of Legends LCK 2022 Summer Split who will have the most impact

5) Deokdam


Deokdam joined DAMWON KIA back during League of Legends LCK 2022 Spring Split. He did not have a very good season as he had to fill some really big shoes left by Ghost in the botlane.

However, Deokdam is an extremely talented player who has the skill to live up to the expectations of a big team like DAMWON KIA. He has consistently finished in the top 3 of the LCK for quite some time and thus will be hungry for more.

Apart from that, his Aphelios is arguably one of the best in the world and will find a lot of agency in the current patch that is catered towards late-game scaling and extended teamfights.

4) Deft


Deft is a name that League of Legends fans will hear quite often. This is because he is often considered one of the greatest ADCs never to win a World Championship title.

The most unfortunate part about Deft's career is that he has attended Worlds with teams like Samsung Blue, KT Rolster, Edward Gaming, DRX, and Hanwha Life Esports. Unfortunately, none of those teams managed to reach the finals and grab the trophy.

However, Deft has not given up on the dream and will be looking to give his all for his team DRX during LCK's 2022 Summer Split. While the chances are slim, Deft will surely put up quite a few stellar performances.

3) Ghost


Ghost is often considered the king of the weakside within League of Legends. He is a highly underrated ADC and was crucial to DAMWON KIA's success back in 2020 and 2021.

One of the pivotal aspects that makes Ghost so good is that he is extremely reliable. Playing on the weakside is not easy as the player gets no help from the team and is extremely vulnerable to ganks from the enemy jungler.

However, he rarely feeds and maintains his farm at a similar level as that of the enemy ADC. Therefore, he remains relevant in late-game teamfights irrespective of whatever might have happened in the rest of the game.

In any case, Ghost will be looking to get back to winning ways once again during the 2022 Summer Split. He already has a lot of titles under his belt, but even then, many doubt him of being at the level of players like Gumayusi and others.

Hence, Ghost will be more than happy to prove his doubters wrong along with his new team, Nongshim Redforce, during the Summer Split.

2) Ruler


Ruler is by far one of the best ADCs in not just the LCK but in the world as well. He is extremely disciplined, and his mastery over this particular role is exceptional. Ruler does not have any boundaries with respect to champion picks, as he is good with almost anything and everything.

This is one of the key facets that makes him so dangerous, as there is always something or the other under his sleeve that he can work with. Fortunately, this time Ruler is part of a Gen.G team that also has some of the best players in the world, with stars like Peanut and Chovy playing alongside him.

Gen.G did reach the finals of the LCK 2022 Spring Split quite comfortably back in April but fell short against T1. Thus, he will be more than happy to enact revenge and reach Worlds 2022 as part of a seed 1 team from the region.

1) Gumayusi


The last player on this list is none other than T1's star botlaner Gumayusi. During League of Legends LCK's 2022 Spring Split, he was definitely the best player in the world.

Gumayusi also managed to break the record for the most kills in a single split of the LCK during Spring 2022. However, his form dipped a little bit during MSI 2022.

Even then, there is no doubt that Gumayusi's skill is off the charts. He is extremely versatile, and his skill at such a young age surpasses most veterans in the role. Thus, it is for sure that when T1 plays during League of Legends LCK 2022 Summer Split, he will be back to his best once more.

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