7 best players to look for at League of Legends LCK Summer Split 2022

Top LCK players to watch out for (Image via League of Legends Champions Korea)
Top LCK players to watch out for (Image via League of Legends Champions Korea)

The League of Legends LCK 2022 Summer Split is about to kickstart following the participating teams' recent roster revelation. All 10 teams will look to be in good shape before the official drum rolls on June 15.

Each team will be hoping to qualify for League of Legends Worlds 2022, in the final Split of the year. T1, Gen.G, DWG KIA, and Hanwha Life Esports had qualified for Worlds 2021 and will once again look forward to representing the region.

The 2022 #LCK Summer Split starts tomorrow! 🎉Here is all of the Summer Week 1 matchups, with our opening match: @KDF_LoL vs @HLEofficial!Which matches are you looking forward to this week?

League of Legends Champions Korea happens to be one of the most competitive leagues in the world featuring the MOBA. The region holds players who have proven themselves to be the best in the world, and also, a few that are considered to be the greatest in the sport's history.

Here is Sportskeeda’s list of the top 7 LCK players for the 2022 Summer Split that fans will look up to. Readers should note that, DWG KIA's star top laner Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon has not been included in the list since he is returning to the League of Legends pro scene after a year's break.

7 best players to get featured in League of Legends LCK Summer 2022

7) Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk (Gen.G)

Gen.G Ruler, Bot Laner (Image via LCK)
Gen.G Ruler, Bot Laner (Image via LCK)

Ruler is widely considered to be one of the best ADCs the game has ever seen and he remains the only player from last year's Gen.G roster. As everyone expected, Ruler turned out to be the best performer for his team, who played a crucial part in Gen.G's 2nd position finish in the Spring Split.

One of his recognised flaws was that he refuses to play mages, even when they are meta. But to everyone's surprise, Ruler brought out Ziggs in Gen.G's first game of LCK 2022 Spring, showcasing his versatility.

Is Ruler the best League of Legends player in history to never win a domestic title? I'm pulling for a @GenG win #LCK

After a brilliant overall performance so far this year, the 23-year old will be looking to lead his team to clinch South Korea's top-tier League of Legends championship for the first time.

6) Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong (T1)

T1 Gumayusi, Bot Laner (Image via LCK)
T1 Gumayusi, Bot Laner (Image via LCK)

Despite having family ties to League of Legends' GOAT, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, T1's star ADC Gumayusi earned his spot in the starting lineup on his own merit. His mechanics are otherworldly and possess an insane ability to pull out random kills out of nowhere.

Fans wonder if Gumayusi still has room for progress because he has achieved high potential at such a young age. He has defeated all of the ADCs in LCK and has gathered a great deal of experience by competing against the best League teams in the world.

okay but can we all talk about gumayushi casually getting a pentakill and quadrakill on today's match against damwon? he always just amazes me everytime! On his way to becoming one of the best adc in lck that everyone should fear of...

Gumayusi has been anticipating a bot-centric LCK meta for a long time, and now since it's actually happening in League of Legends, he is better prepared than anyone else in the scene. Only the international arena could provide him with more difficult objectives.

With T1 qualifying for Worlds 2022, Gumayusi will be put to the test to see if he has what it takes to be another Split champion and eventually a world beater.

5) Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon (Gen.G)

Gen.G Chovy, Mid Laner (Image via LCK)
Gen.G Chovy, Mid Laner (Image via LCK)

Chovy has finally found a squad worthy of his calibre now that he has departed Hanwha Life Esports. The 21-year-old mid laner now no longer needs to 1v9, but he will always leave his imprint in every game he plays.

Gen.G Esports greeted him with wide arms, adding him to a roster capable of consistently competing at the top of the LCK. Peanut and Ruler are two players Chovy can always count on for crucial assists from the jungle and bot lane.

A day before the commencement of the Summer Split, he extended his contract with Gen.G till 2023.

[Official] Jung "Chovy" Ji-hun agrees to an extension of his contract with Gen.G, through to 2023.@GenG #LCK

The South Korean prodigy can now devote his entire attention to becoming the dominant carry he was during his Griffin days, exhibiting his amazing laning and skirmishing prowess. He should have been number one in terms of talent, but we all know that talent alone isn't enough to be the best in the professional League of Legends scene.

4) Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok (T1)

T1 Faker, Mid Laner (Image via LCK)
T1 Faker, Mid Laner (Image via LCK)

Faker made his League of Legends pro-play debut around 10 years ago, and he's still showing the world how good he is almost a decade later. Widely considered to be the greatest player in the history of League of Legends, Faker still has a lot to offer his fans.

He could have chosen to retire like many other players of his era, but his enthusiasm, as well as the desire to win his fourth Worlds title, has kept him going. Faker will be the experienced leader in guiding the younger generation of players now that T1 has put together a solid squad this season.

Faker's current stats among LCK midlaners before Summer Split (based on the previous Spring Split data alone) 🤓#Faker #페이커

While Faker might not be at his very best, one can always bet on the 26-year-old "Unkillable Demon King's" attitude and leadership that will propel any team to greater heights.

3) Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu (DWG KIA)

DK Canyon, Jungler (Image via LCK)
DK Canyon, Jungler (Image via LCK)

Although DWG KIA are no longer LCK's pole-bearers, Canyon can still be rightfully considered among the best junglers in the world. The 21-year-old should be competing for League of Legends' legendary status by now, as World Champion and World Finalist are achievements that only the best can deserve.

Canyon has been playing at a high level since the summer of 2020, from jungle path-ing to teamfights and team chemistry. He even took a short makeshift trip to mid lane and showed the world that he's not just a superb jungler, but an all-around great League of Legends player.

[Official] DK Canyon is your Regular Season MVP of the 2021 Spring Split.@DWGKIA #LCK

He and Heo “ShowMaker” Su are the two cores that make DWG KIA a top-tier LCK team, and their mechanics and in-game understanding are far superior to the rest. Canyon may not have a stellar lineup this season, but it's quite predictable that he'll give it his all in League of Legends LCK Summer 2022 to prove his worth in the pro scene.

2) Choi “Zeus” Woo-je (T1)

T1 Zeus, Top Laner (Image via LCK)
T1 Zeus, Top Laner (Image via LCK)

Going 18-0 for the Split and winning the championship is never a one-man show; each of the five players must perform their part. Zeus was a great team player in the games because he was rarely granted the counter selection.

Despite this, he was able to stay one step ahead of his opponents in the majority of games. His Jayce and Gnar were particularly impressive, with Jayce winning 14 of 18 games and Gnar going 6-0.


Zeus' stats may have benefited from the team's strong win percentage in League of Legends LCK Spring, but he shines brightest when he's in a pinch and is being dived at by several players.

When Zeus was alone in the sidelanes, opponents sought to target him, but he was able to survive or at least trade in most of the cases, allowing his team to profit on the other side of the map while taking up all the aggro.

Zeus's First Season as a fulltime starting player going 20-0, getting All LCK 1st Team, and winning Spring.He is pretty insane, huh? 🥹❤️

Zeus will return this summer as one of the finest top laners in the league. Despite the fact that he is only 18 years old, he already has a championship and international experience from MSI.

1) Ryu “Keria” Min-seok (T1)

T1 Keria, Support (Image via LCK)
T1 Keria, Support (Image via LCK)

After their immaculate Spring Split, it's no surprise to see so many T1 players on the list. No one in the League of Legends Champions Korea has ever accomplished such a feat, and it is unlikely to be broken for many years.

Arguably the current best player in the world, Keria, however, stands head and shoulders above the rest of the guys on the team. The 19-year-old South Korean prodigy is the shotcaller on the team, according to Faker, who is constantly reminding everyone what they should be doing. T1 is being guided by his voice.

Keria is not just good at calling shots, but he's also good at executing them. His mechanics are near-perfect, and his champion pool is huge, making him impervious to even tectonic meta shifts.

[Official] Ryu "Keria" Min-seok is your "Regular Season MVP" for the 2022 Spring Split.@T1LoL #LCK

Throughout the Spring Split, the support player has showcased his unreal playmaking skills and versatility. Keria and T1 are, without a doubt, the team to fear in the forthcoming League of Legends LCK Summer Split.

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