"There is no way Bel'Veth could ever possibly go near competitive in her current form": LS opens up on League of Legends' latest void jungler

LS heavily criticized League of Legends' latest champion, Bel'Veth, post his PBE experience (Image via Riot Games and
LS heavily criticized League of Legends' latest champion, Bel'Veth, post his PBE experience (Image via Riot Games and

League of Legends expert and former Cloud9 head coach, Nick "LS" De Cesare, shared his thoughts after rifting through 30+ games with Bel'Veth on PBE.

Interestingly, he expects the Void Empress to have an approximate 35% win rate shortly after release and could eventually be a balancing nightmare as her kit makes her an absolute solo queue monster. LS considers Bel'Veth to be a "really weird" champion who might not be reliable in clearing the jungle fast in comparison to other existing junglers in the game.


The Empress also faces difficulty in dueling with opponents early in the game since she literally requires all of her abilities to stack up before making a decent clear. This could turn out to be a real problem for League of Legends players as Bel'Veth's ability cooldown times are also on the higher side.

According to LS, there is no jungler in League of Legends who can lose 1v1 to Bel'Veth

Bel'Veth is yet to prove herself "Battle-Boss" worthy (Image via Riot Games)
Bel'Veth is yet to prove herself "Battle-Boss" worthy (Image via Riot Games)

LS pointed out another problem with her Q ability, Void Surge. Bel'Veth dashes in one of four directions, dealing damage to all enemies she passes through and applying on-hit effects. Each direction has its own unique cooldown that scales with attack speed. However, most of the time, it ends up going on a cooldown when it is required the most.

For example, a player leaves a jungle camp having two Qs exhausted depending on which direction Bel'Veth is running. Now if an enemy jungler encounters her at that point, she doesn't have a Q to dash away. LS stated on a recent live Twitch stream:

"I don't believe there is any champion in the jungle whom Bel'Veth can kill 1v1. I don't think it's an actual possibility."

Bel'Veth might suffer from not being able to access optimum itemization benefits

LS also spoke about Bel'Veth's bizarre itemization choices. According to him, League of Legends' Void Empress is very difficult to play in either the mid or top lane because she is far too dependent on her passive items or the passive stacks that give her attack speed.

The passive literally forces her to stay inside the jungle forever, and thus, even though Bel'Veth likes to farm gold, she can't really afford laning at mid, bot, or top.

Could've went a bit longer on the problems w/ Bel'Veth segment that I did in the 12.11 rundown (like saying she's basically thematically just a worse shyvanna given they have identical ideas on how to play in a lot of ways but not all):…

Unlike other champions, Bel'Veth is absolutely poor in benefitting from League of Legends' recipe items. She is extremely dependent on the completion of the item itself and this is why LS thinks that there are no other champions in League of Legends that come even close to mirroring this type of a problem. The former League of Legends LCK caster said:

"When you end up recalling on Bel'Veth, if you get something like pickaxe, daggers or tier two boots, you are not gaining same kind of effectiveness from the item itself because of all her modifiers on her auto attacks and on her attack speed and everything else. It doesn't make sense."

However, many fans had other opinions regarding this. Some referred to LS' pre-release criticism of Viego, a champion which actually turned out to be the most-picked solo queue and competitive jungler since the Ruined King's arrival in League of Legends.

LS predicts Bel'Veth to be in the sub 40% winrate window on release, unless it’s similar to a Viego situation. She might turn out to be a solo queue abuser, but in no way does LS think the Void jungler could ever possibly go near the competitive scene, considering her current shape.

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