Morello and Liandry's finally get their official "Last Shadow" recognition in League of Legends

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

Riot rewarded former LCK caster and current T1 streamer, Nick “LS” De Cesare with an Easter egg in the League of Legends item shop.

While LS was on his Twitch live stream, he was surprised to discover a League of Legends easter egg out of nowhere. Upon typing out his full in-game name, "Last Shadow," in the item search bar, the results showed Morellonomicon and Liandry’s Anguish.

LS was a pioneer in popularizing Liandry's over Morello. The former caster once went on a crusade against Morellonomicon a few seasons back. Since then, he has been asking his followers to use Liandry's, arguing that it is a much better alternative. Taking this into account, such a respectful gesture from Riot brought the T1 streamer to tears.

In the short clip, LS is seen becoming emotional over the surprise. “Oh man!” he exclaimed after choking up and reeling from the realization of the Easter egg's presence.

LS gets emotional over Riot's respectful gesture as he discovers an Easter egg in the League of Legends Item Shop based on his recommendation

Screengrab from League of Legends
Screengrab from League of Legends

The story of "LS, the Liandry's Salesman"

LS has continued to spread his negative opinion on Morello ever since the League of Legends items' rework in Season 8. The issue became so big that the LCK English broadcast began using the term "Forbidden Book," as a reference to the Legendary item.

According to LS, Morellonomicon has been overvalued in professional play ever since the item's rework in patch 8.4. He argued that Oblivion Orb was effective against enemies with low magic resistance, but upgrading it into Morello made it absolutely worthless, as it could only be beneficial against a very limited set of champions.

Thus, LS proposed Liandry's Torment as the best possible item alternative of Morellonomicon, the Forbidden Book. It later prompted his fans to call him "LS, the Liandry's Salesman"

LS' emotional take on discovering Morellonomicon and Liandry’s Anguish as a search output of "Last Shadow" in the League item search window

LS was seen overwhelmed and emotional on discovering the League of Legends Easter egg, designated exclusively for him. In a Reddit post by u/harthedir, LS spoke his heart out in the comment section.

"Really can't express how much something like this means to me, I totally suck at saying thank you, but thank you, everyone, for all the kind words in here and elsewhere.
“For people that don’t know, before League of Legends, I was constantly struggling in a foreign country, didn’t have anywhere to go back to, and was potentially facing homelessness again. A random person asked me to coach them in the game (I was making a potential swap to HoTS at the time) in my stream when I had like 20 viewers, I figured why not.”

LS continued,

“That coaching session blew up on Reddit and spawned a massive amount of requests. A few weeks later EULCS team manager for SHC reached out to me telling me some of the pro players said my coaching sessions on YT were helping them and asked if I wanted to coach a pro team. After that, I never looked back. Riot/LoL helped give me the life I have today and saved me in a way I really can’t ever express gratitude enough for. This is why something like this means so much to me.”

Fans think that LS deserved this official recognition from Riot Games. He had been working hard every day to build up his brand and persevered through all of the tough times like a champion.

Significance of the Morellonomicon and Liandry’s Anguish Easter egg by Riot

Image via Riot Games - League of Legends
Image via Riot Games - League of Legends

LS has been a popular advocate for League of Legends' item diversity as a professional streamer and caster. He is famous for his well-researched item builds in professional play. One of his many areas of dispute with professional League of Legends players was their choice of Morellonomicon over Liandry’s Torment.

The debate mainly focused on situations where a player would need to build one item over the other. Morellonomicon reduced healing as its passive whereas Liandry’s Torment burnt enemies for a certain percentage of health.

LS thought that Morello isn't an item that should be prioritized in open situations. It came to the players' advantage only in limited situations and that it should be avoided. Instead, they should opt for Liandry's, a much better item option in their pro League of Legends builds.

Recently, in the new item overhaul, Riot tweaked Liandry’s Torment and changed it to Liandry’s Anguish with a slightly different effect. But, those at Riot involved in the item overhaul may have recognized the debate and given LS his deserved recognition for his contribution to League of Legends with the "Last Shadow" Easter egg.