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Caedrel and LS' conflict over League of Legends' champions and items

Caedrel and LS
Caedrel and LS' conflict over League of Legends' champions and items (Images via Inven and LCS)
Modified 20 Mar 2021

Former LCK caster and current T1 streamer Nick “LS” De Cesare is again embroiled in League of Legends drama. This time it is with former UK League of Legends player turned caster Marc ‘Caedrel’ Lamont.

LS has always been critical of certain League of Legends champions and items like Renekton and Morellonomicon. He argued that these are not great picks in professional matches.

Recently, on Twitter, Caedrel questioned LS’s views on Renekton and sought details about the player's grievances.

LS previously slandered Renekton multiple times, calling the champion "absolutely useless," and stated that it should not be included in pro-play drafts. But Caedrel had his own viewpoints and tried debating the T1 streamer on the topic.

Caedrel thinks that LS's takes on various League of Legends champions and items are controversial. LS ignored to break into a debate.

When asked about the controversy on a live stream by Gen G's streamer Tim "Nemesis" Lipovšek, Caedrel said that,

“I’m not belittling LS or attacking him at all, but I feel like he makes so many controversial claims, that 99% of them are wrong but one of them is right, and he overhypes the fact he’s right."
Caedrel's Twitter thread, designated to LS on the Renekton issue (Screengrab from Twitter)

According to Caedrel, spotting the Moonstaff combo was a great thing LS has done for the League of Legends community. Still, calling Protobelt Nidalee, Kai’sa, Gnar, and Renekton useless does not make any sense. He continued by saying,

"LS said Lee Sin was broken when FPX won Worlds but Lee Sin is a trash champ. I like LS, he’s a nice guy and a really good entertainer. And he makes really good content. But a lot of his takes are too controversial to make any sense.”

On the other hand, LS didn’t seem interested in a debate. He completely ignored Caedrel's inquiry about the details of his grievances.


Later, when asked about the situation on LCS' twitch stream, LS said:

"About that Renekton issue that Caedrel talked about on Twitter, no I am not planning to have a conversation on that. I think his tweet is ridiculous in a lot of ways. You can’t respond in a tweet or a clip, if you don’t respond you get flamed, it ends up spawning tons of Reddit threads.
“I think there are tons of problems with the assertions made in it, which I think are really bad. There’s a lot of things going on and there’s a question that doesn’t have an easily identifiable or discernable answer.”

LS went on to further discuss Renekton's win rates in detail and how stats by themselves don’t mean anything.

He elaborated on how players get fixated on data and acknowledged that Renekton could help a good team beat a team that isn’t as good. But according to the pro player, that attribute is not enough to label it a great pick in the long run.

Caedrel responded by saying he underestimated LS' arguments. He admitted that his views might have come across aggressively and pledged to use this experience as a learning lesson for the future.


However, Nemesis did not pick sides in this conflict.

"We’re not always going to agree with one another’s views, but it can be healthy to question the views of others or to at least try and see their point of view."

According to Nemesis, Caedrel and LS are great League of Legends analysts. He thinks this kind of dialog between the two league broadcasters is normal and healthy for the League of Legends community.

Published 20 Mar 2021, 12:33 IST
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