7 best players to watch out for at League of Legends LEC 2022 Summer Split

Best LEC players to look out for during the Summer Split (Image via Riot Games)
Best LEC players to look out for during the Summer Split (Image via Riot Games)

League of Legends LEC 2022 Summer Split is set to start in a few days time. As such, fans have been eagerly waiting to watch their favorite teams and players get back to the summoner's rift once again and compete for the title of the best in Europe.

Obviously, the excitement is justified as LEC has arguably some of the strongest players in the entire world. Stars like Caps, Wunder and Hylissang have proved time and again that they are the ones to look out for when it comes to the western League of Legends scene.

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Therefore, in this list, seven such players have been presented who are expected to make the biggest difference during the 2022 Summer Split.

Caps and six other League of Legends players to keep an eye out for during LEC's 2022 Summer Split

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7) Humanoid

Humanoid (Image via League of Legends)
Humanoid (Image via League of Legends)

Over the past year, Humanoid has proven that he is probably one of the best midlaners in all of Europe. His performance at the MAD Lions during the 2021 season and also the way he performed at Fnatic during the 2022 Spring Split showcased his immense mastery over the game.

Humanoid is extremely intelligent and his understanding of champions like Azir, Orianna and LeBlanc is way better than every player in Europe apart from Caps. While he may not have a lot of individual accolades, there is no doubt that his teamplay is a cut above the rest.

The only issue that Humanoid has is that he relies a lot on getting sufficient farm. Therefore, the team has to make space for him to make sure that Humanoid can carry the game in the future.

6) Malrang

Malrang (Image via League of Legends)
Malrang (Image via League of Legends)

Malrang played his first year of the LEC during the 2022 Spring Split. However, there is no doubt that his performance during the same was more than enough to catch the attention of the fans.

During the 2021 season, Malrang played as a substitute jungler for DAMWON KIA in League of Legends' LCK. Thus, he was already armed with a deep knowledge of the jungle role from some of the best players in the world such as Canyon and Oner.

Hence, as soon as he jumped into the LEC, no team was able to understand Malrang's style of play. The problem was that he did not play for himself, rather, he toiled for the team.

He would consistently facilitate all his lanes and sacrifice his own farm. However, he did all this in a very intelligent manner and made it difficult for the enemy jungler to track his movement.

Malrang's performance allowed Rogue to push itself to the very top of the table during the regular season. Unfortunately, in the finals of the Spring Split, he fell short against G2 Esports.

Nevertheless, fans can be sure that his performance will enhance even further during the Summer Split.

5) Jankos

Jankos (Image via League of Legends)
Jankos (Image via League of Legends)

Jankos, at the age of 26, has uplifted himself to the position of the undisputed greatest western jungler of all time. His ideas, decision-making, playstyle and jungle pathing are a cut above the rest.

The thing that makes Jankos so much better is that he is a leader both inside and outside the game. He ensures that the team maintains its composure during wins and holds its head straight during losses.

These qualities were the primary reason for how Jankos became the first LEC player to reach 300 wins. It is important to realize that the kills that Jankos secures and the way he plays is always geared towards helping his team grow, especially facilitating Caps in the midlane.

It is something very unique that no other western jungler has been able to replicate, even to this day.

4) Upset

Upset (Image via League of Legends)
Upset (Image via League of Legends)

In the current era, whenever people talk about ADC's in League of Legends' LEC, the player that comes to mind is none other than Upset. He is someone who has witnessed a lot of hardship after always falling short against players like Rekkles.

However, Upset has grown into something very special which has led to the rise of an ADC who not only dominates the lane, but carries the team on his shoulder with the utmost responsibility.

In fact, whenever Fnatic seems to be losing, it is Upset who steps up in order to grant his team the win. This is why the entirety of Fnatic's playstyle revolves around ensuring that Upset gets all the farm as he is that much more reliable as a player.

Thus, there is no doubt that Upset will be one of the key players during League of Legends' LEC 2022 Summer Split and fans will witness some really high-profile games from him.

3) Perkz

Perkz (Image via League of Legends)
Perkz (Image via League of Legends)

While Perkz may not have had the best of performances on his return to the LEC, there is no doubt that he is someone who will surely have a massive impact during the Summer Split. Perkz is not just an extremely skilled player, but a leader as well.

This aspect of Perkz helped G2 Esports back in 2019 clinch the Mid-Season Invitational title and also reach the finals of League of Legends Worlds 2019. His leadership propelled G2 Esports to achieve feats that no other western team has been able to do.

Thus, even though he is now with Team Vitality and has a new roster under his command, Perkz's performance is bound to improve as he will be hungry to prove that he is still the greatest western League of Legends player of all time.

2) Hylissang

Hylissang (Image via League of Legends)
Hylissang (Image via League of Legends)

The support role is arguably one of the hardest to play within League of Legends. This is because a support has to assume the role of a playmaker while also facilitating the ADC, midlane and the toplane from time to time.

There are several players who do that quite efficiently, however, Hylissang does it with such finesse that no other European player can come close to replicating him. The thing that separates Hylissang from other support players is innovation.

Hylissang's hyper-aggressive playstyle often acts as bait for opponents, allowing his team to pick up multiple kills and propel Humanoid and Upset with a massive gold lead.

Obviously, Hylissang's playstyle does lead to a few throws from time to time, but there is no doubt that the risks he takes pay off more often than not.

1) Caps

Caps (Image via League of Legends)
Caps (Image via League of Legends)

The last player to make this list is none other than G2 Esports' midlaner Caps. He is not just regarded as one of the best in Europe, but one of the greatest League of Legends players of all time.

Of course, if players simply judge based off stats, then Caps is not someone who has a lot to show off. Instead, if players need to understand the genius of Caps, they need to watch him play on stage.

He is someone who can make the life of the enemy miserable as his mastery of champions is at a level that most top-level professionals can't fathom. Caps can jump into a 1 versus 5 situation and still come out unscathed while securing two or three kills to his name.

Popular LEC analyst Caedrel often says that one of the reasons why he switched to jungle role from the midlane during his professional days was because he realised that he could never be as good as Caps.

In fact, it would be safe to say that Caps is the only western player who has made legends like Faker not just sweat, but taste some of the harshest defeats in League of Legends history. Hence, when Caps takes the stage during League of Legends LEC 2022 Summer Split, fans can expect him to run riot once again.

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