League of Legends LEC 2022 Summer Split: Full list of on-air talent for the tournament

Every on-air talent set to be part of LEC 2022 Summer Split (Image via Riot Games)
Every on-air talent set to be part of LEC 2022 Summer Split (Image via Riot Games)

League of Legends' LEC 2022 Summer Split is set to commence from June 17, 2022. This is why Riot Games has been slowly releasing information that includes participating teams, match schedules, and more.

Following previous announcements, they have now presented the full list of on-air talent who will be participating in the upcoming tournament. The on-air talent includes hosts, casters, and analysts who will be part of the presentation section of the LEC Summer Split.

It is important to remember that the reason why LEC is always at the top in terms of viewership is because of its production value. These on-air talents play an integral role in achieving those high viewer counts, which makes their participation a crucial aspect of the tournament.

Every on-air talent who will be part of League of Legends LEC 2022 Summer Split

Before moving any further, it is important to provide the full list of on-air talents who will be taking part at the League of Legends LEC 2022 Summer Split. The personalities involved are as follows:

  • Quickshot
  • Dagda
  • Vedius
  • Medic
  • Laure Valee
  • Troubleinc
  • Sjokz
  • Daniel Drakos
  • Guldborg
  • Caedrel
  • Nymaera

Besides the people mentioned above, there will be special guests joining the show from time-to-time as well. Previously, professional players such as Treatz, Jankos, Odoamne, and others have often joined the analyst desk to provide their experienced input about various games. This may very likely happen this time as well.

In fact, the on-air talent cast within League of Legends' LEC is arguably one of the best in the world. The task they do at engaging the audience is quite refined and that is something which plays a huge role in enhancing the overall popularity of the tournament.

One of the key factors when it comes to making games interesting is the process of hyping them up. Encounters like those between G2 Esports vs Fnatic or Rogue vs MAD Lions can become ten times more entertaining whenever there is a voice that is boosting every major play that happens within those games.

In fact, the stories these casters and analysts often tell regarding how the rivalry between the teams has come to be is something that creates an atmosphere that certainly pumps up the audience's excitement levels. This, in turn, helps make games more interesting, even for viewers who do not have a good understanding of League of Legends.

Apart from that, the expert analysis of the various picks and plays provides a lot of understanding regarding the current meta, which, in turn, also helps to improve gameplay at a personal level.

Thus, there is no doubt that the same will happen this year as well, and these on-air talents will ensure that League of Legends LEC 2022 Summer Split is worthwhile for both players and viewers alike.

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