7 best League of Legends midlane champions who have perfect jungle-mid synergy with Bel'Veth

Best champions to pair with Bel'Veth in a League of Legends mid-jungle comb (Image via Riot Games)
Best champions to pair with Bel'Veth in a League of Legends mid-jungle comb (Image via Riot Games)
Sayantan "BibÖzil" Chowdhury

Bel'Veth, Empress of the Void, has finally hit the Summoner's Rift, becoming the 160th champion on the League of Legends roster. Riot Games has dedicated her to being a jungler, and this character's ability kit focuses on increasing the attack speed.

Bel'Veth Ultimate's passive effect allows her to stack true damage for every second attack on an enemy champion, and the Empress showcases extremely swift mobility across the rift.

@RiotAugust Love Bel'Veth's kit but seems that she literally can only be played jungle as she gains attack speed through jungle camps and takedowns(Takedowns being a lot less viable option than camps) So rip top/mid Bel?

It is important to note that a mid-jungle combo does not always mean that the midlaner has to win or get kills. It also includes the pressure the midlane and jungle duo can put on the side lanes with their level and experience.

Pairing a good midlaner with Bel'Veth could be a terror for opponents, but picking an effective champion for the same can be tricky. The void jungler should only be paired with midlane champions who can perfectly complement her attack speed and assist her mobility.


Seven midlane champions to form most potent mid-jungle combo with League of Legends' newest jungler, Bel'Veth

7) Singed

Singed, the Mad Chemist (Image via Riot Games)
Singed, the Mad Chemist (Image via Riot Games)

Singed is a fast laner who ramps up his mobility with W in team fights, allowing him to deal high damage with Q. League of Legends' Mad Chemist covers lots of ground and controls enemy movement through his W and E.

Even though Singed is mainly used as a toplaner by players, he can also be highly effective in the midlane. It would be terrifying to see Singed and Bel'Veth, two champions with excellent mobility, traversing through the rift, hunting down an opposing champion.

6) Kayle

Kayle, the Righteous (Image via Riot Games)
Kayle, the Righteous (Image via Riot Games)

Kayle herself is a good option for the midlane and has been one of the most picked champions for a long time. However, there are a few items in her kit that have the potential to benefit Bel'Veth drastically.

Kayle's Q slows down the opposing champion it hits, adding to Bel'Veth's default mobility advantage and ability to catch up to a target.

On the other hand, Kayle's R is where their chemistry can show up. Bel'Veth will be able to fully use her fast attack speed if she gains invulnerability through Kayle's Divine Judgement.

5) Veigar

Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil (Image via Riot Games)
Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil (Image via Riot Games)

Combining League of Legends' Tiny Master of Evil with the Void Empress might look weird at first, considering their contrasting mobility traits. However, playing Veigar in the midlane can be game-changing if played with pacy junglers with high damage dealing abilities.

The primary reason Veigar is on this list is because of his E, Event Horizon. It has a long stun period and the ability to stun numerous adversaries, restricting movement for those trapped inside. This allows Bel'Veth to move in and take advantage of foes who cannot escape her fury.

4) Akshan

Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel (Image via Riot Games)
Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel (Image via Riot Games)

Akshan's W, Going Rogue, allows him to target his scoundrels precisely once the opponent kills one of his allies. Considering Bel'Veth's weak early game traits, Akshan can make full use of the Empress's quick deaths to earn bonus gold for his team.

Akshan-Bel'Veth can be a well-strategized combo for gamers who like to farm well in the early stages of a match.

3) Neeko

Neeko, the Curious Chameleon (Image via Riot Games)
Neeko, the Curious Chameleon (Image via Riot Games)

Neeko's E, Tangle Barbs, is another potent crowd control technique that damages and roots everything it passes through. This ability can root adversaries for up to three seconds and hold on to multiple enemies if it connects well.

Bel'Veth may follow up with a successful crowd control with her own W.

League of Legends' Curious Chameleon is often ignored in the midlane. But considering her traits, she is capable of synergizing well with the Void Empress and running riot in the Summoner's Rift.

2) Yone

Yone, the Unforgettable Champion (Image via Riot Games)
Yone, the Unforgettable Champion (Image via Riot Games)

Yone, with his highly versatile ability kit, can become one of the most popular choices to pair with Bel'Veth in League of Legends. He has always been one of the most picked midlaners, and considering the latter's crowd control abilities, Yone might be the perfect assister for Bel'Veth's pacy dashes during skirmishes.

Getting bursts, trades, and cc on his opponents are the core traits of Yone's kit. Typically, the kit is used to set up sequences, dive opponents, and give out as much damage as possible before fleeing.

Thus, Yone fits the list perfectly, considering her long list of Bel'Veth-complementing traits.

1) Anivia

Anivia, the Cryptophoenix (Image via Riot Games)
Anivia, the Cryptophoenix (Image via Riot Games)

Anivia has always been one of the top five choices for midlaners. Pairing up with League of Legends' new void jungler could give the opposing team a hard time.

Stuns, delays, and blocks make up the core of Aniva's ability kit. With the ability to stun with her Q, block opponent maneuvers with her W, and slow foes down with her R, the Cryophoenix may aid Bel'Veth's mobility and provide her with an excellent follow-up against an opposing champion. Both are highly capable of showcasing the best possible jungle-mid synergy in League of Legends.

However, players must realize that the mid-jungle combo in League of Legends might fail if dives aren't calculated. Thus, getting a double or triple kill on the opponent's toplaner or botlaner can be difficult. The timing has to be exact, and gamers should have a deep understanding of their positioning.

.@faker on Worlds:"Mid-Jungle leads are in important to the current meta, but we should pay a lot of attention to bot fights. That's my gut feeling.""Our team could focus on pick-ban strats, but we will focus more on our in-game ability.Source:…

Bel'Veth is a champion yet to be tested for inferring. Users need lots of practice to perfect these timings with the suggested champion combinations and make those dives smooth.

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