League of Legends' midlane Tryndamere guide for patch 12.2

A brief guide to midlane Tryndamere in patch 12.2 (Image via League of Legends)
A brief guide to midlane Tryndamere in patch 12.2 (Image via League of Legends)

Tryndamere is arguably one of the strongest champions within League of Legends. However, he primarily plays in the toplane due to the insane damage and durability.

It seems, though, that over the past few weeks, professional players have taken quite a liking to him with regard to the midlane. Players like Faker have been playing Tryndamere in the midlane and dominating the opposition.

Faker is possessed with tryndamere! He's absolutely nuts! Is this finally the season we decide he's back with carry picks and jungler proximity around midlane aswell? Am i dreaming? #LCK #T1Fighting

Thus, it is vital to look at the exact style of play and the kind of build used for the same.

Everything League of Legends fans need to know regarding midlane Tryndamere in patch 12.2

League of Legends season 12 has brought in multiple changes within the game. There are changes to the runes, items, and, as expected, the meta.

Some of these changes have made certain champions excessively overpowered. Tryndamere is one such champion. While he has always been strong, the buffs to lethal tempo have made him a nightmare.

So, people, enlighten me.Why is Tryndamere a problem now? He's been the same since beta. Why do I see reddit posts bashing a 10 year old ultimate?

This has resulted in him moving from the toplane to the midlane where he can punish the opposition quite comfortably. This is quite a change from the control mage midlane meta that was dominant during season 11.

Rune path

Midlane Tryndamere rune guide (Image via League of Legends)
Midlane Tryndamere rune guide (Image via League of Legends)

Primary Rune (Conqueror): Lethal Tempo, Triumph, Legend Alacrity, Last Stand

Secondary Rune (Resolve): Second Wind, Unflinching

Thus, as expected, Lethal tempo is the way to proceed for midlane Tryndamere. This is because the attack speed that he gets is immense when beating down enemies.

Apart from that, Second Wind and Unflinching provide him with a little bit of sustainability, which is essential while trading hits.

Item Build


Going full AD on Tryndamere is the ideal way to proceed when it comes to items. The item build for midlane Tryndamere is as follows:

  • Galeforce
  • Navori Quickblades
  • Infinity Edge
  • Serylda's Grudge
  • Mortal Reminder
  • Plated Steelcaps

Thus, as is understandable, this particular build fully utilizes the immense auto-attack damage from Tryndamere. It helps him to jump into fights and chase down enemies with Galeforce.

It is important to remember that players can build Kraken Slayer as well. However, Galeforce offers the extra bit of mobility that often comes in handy within teamfights.


When it comes to playstyle, the idea is not much different from the toplane within League of Legends. However, in the midlane, Tryndamere is quite vulnerable to champions like Twisted Fate and Orianna.

This is because they can lock him down and kill him even before he has a chance to do damage. Therefore, playing safe and reaching level 6 is very important. It is also advisable to try finishing Galeforce as early as possible.

@Necrit94 I love how hating tryndamere makes you a silver player because he's a silly old champ but the plat players in this chat keep forgetting Trynda midlane has been terrorising high elo for a while now

This will help him close the distance or get out of fights. While it is true that Tryndamere can always use his E ability in sticky situations, combining that with the Galeforce allows for an increased element of surprise.

Apart from that, there is not much to say as Tryndamere is an elementary champion to play. Lastly, timing his ultimate properly is vital for success. Using it too early or too late can be disastrous.

It is vital to remember that while midlane Tryndamere provides faster scaling, he is more vulnerable to jungle ganks. Therefore, player awareness is crucial to achieving success.

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