League of Legends preseason 2023 expected updates: Chemtech return, massive jungle changes, buff sharing, and more

All League of Legends preseason 13 expected changes (Images via League of Legends)
All League of Legends preseason 13 expected changes (Images via League of Legends)

The League of Legends preseason 2023 changes will be another big one as Riot Games will look to introduce a significant amount of updates to the game ahead of Season 13.

Massive tweaks are expected to make their way to the jungle, along with the return of the Chemtech Drake, who had been disabled from the MOBA earlier in the season.


In the recent developer blog post, Riot talked in depth about some changes players can look forward to for the remainder of Season 12 and early Season 13.

The League of Legends roadmap hinted at the arrival of a Darkin assassin as well as an Ixtal-based enchanter who will make their way to the Rift in 2023. Moreover, The Gothic skinline is getting revamped, there is the reimagined gameplay for Aorelion Sol, and better “buff sharing” for junglers and lakers.

All League of Legends preseason 13 expected changes

1) Easier camp clearing and pets


One of the more curious updates that Riot will introduce with the preseason will be the introduction of what they are calling ”pets” that will help junglers clear the camps faster.

Pets will grow in power as the game progresses, as the developers are looking to make the role as accessible as possible for newer players.

Hints will also be provided in-game for effective jungle pathing, as well as updates to the existing jungle items.

However, Riot is yet to provide any additional details on those.

2) New buff sharing system


Junglers often have to sacrifice their Blue and Red buffs to help their fellow laners have an easier time in the early as well as the later stages of the map. While on a broader level, providing the buffs to laners allows a team to secure the win conditions, the jungler falls behind on gold and XP, making less experienced users have a much harder time in the game.

To make it easier for the jungler, the League of Legends balance team will look at ways to introduce a buff-sharing system that will allow both the jungler as well as the laner to benefit from it.

The ‘pets’ system is something that can be tied in with this portion of the update. However, it’s too early to know what the developers have planned for the upcoming preseason.

3) Chemtech Drake returns


Unlike its Hextech counterpart, the Chemtech Drake did not have a successful launch in League of Legends. The elemental Drake had a balance issue that the developers could not solve.

Hence, Riot opted to disable the dragon and the subsequent buff that it provides from both pro-play and solo-queue earlier in Season 12.

With preseason 13, the Drake will make its way back onto the Rift, and the effects it provides on the map and with its soul will be much milder than its previous iteration.

4) Improved ping system


When it comes to solo-queue and other standard matchmaking, pings are one of the best ways of communicating with the rest of the team, especially when it comes to junglers.

As preseason 13 is targeted toward making the League of Legends jungle more accessible, the developers will introduce new and improved changes to the ping system, which will seek to make the role easier to execute.

Communication is key when it comes to the MOBA, and winning a ranked game requires the team to be on the same page, especially when taking objectives and opting into a fight.

While the changes to the ping system might look to target junglers more, it will also affect the laners and make communication significantly easier for them.

Preseason 13 will all be about making the jungle role more accessible in League of Legends, and the updates are expected to go live sometime in November 2022.

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