League of Legends' upcoming Darkin champion might have dog-like features

A look into the probable appearance of the new Darkin champion (Image via Riot Games)
A look into the probable appearance of the new Darkin champion (Image via Riot Games)

The League of Legends developers, during the August 2022 champion roadmap, announced that a new Darkin champion would be on its way somewhere around next year. As such, during the roadmap discussion, developer Reav3 gave a few subtle hints that pointed to the fact that the new addition will have dog-like features.

Obviously, it is still a long shot, but popular League of Legends YouTuber and lore expert Necrit feels there might be a lot of substance to what Reav3 mentioned. This is because the Riot Games official has a habit of leaving hints, and he has also done this multiple times in the past.


However, it is not just Reav3's subtle hints but also something that the developers have clarified in the past, which suggests that something special might be on its way related to Darkins.

Deep look into hints provided by League of Legends developers related to new Darkin champion

As mentioned previously, during the August 2022 champion roadmap, developer Reav3 provided specific hints directed at the fact that the new Darkin champion might look like a dog. This is not very apparent from his initial statements, but upon hearing his words closely, players will be able to notice the similarities.

Reav3 said this in the roadmap trailer:

"One of the things League community hounds me about is more Darkin champions. Darkin fans are like, throw me a freakin' bone here, and believe you me, I'm right there with you, barkin' for some Darkin."

This statement has lots of hints regarding the fact that the new champion might very well be exactly like a dog. Obviously, it could look something like Sif from Dark Souls or a Chimera.


However, the subtle words like "bone" and "barkin" directly point toward a dog. The hints, though, do not end here, as Reav3 provided even more after this.

He gave a closer look at the weapon that this Darkin is associated with. Once that was done, he said the following:

"As to who or what got hold of the dagger, you just have to wait and find out."

His specifically mentioning "what" means there is a big chance it is an animal. Obviously, this could all be a joke, but up until this point, Reav3 has never joked with his words during the League of Legends champion roadmaps.

He knows very well how observant the community can be, so the official keeps dropping hints like these, making fans dive deep and figure out the secrets on their own. However, there is one other crucial thing that needs to be clarified before closing out.

League of Legends developers mentioned that they are making a monster-based champion. However, the other champion details they have provided, including the Ixtal-based male enchanter or the Shurima-based tank, do not fit this profile.


Therefore, it is highly possible that the new monster champion is basically this Darkin champion itself in League of Legends. Obviously, the chances are that it will not be a small and cute little dog, as being a Darkin means it will be ferocious and deadly.

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