League of Legends' upcoming support, Renata, can use her ultimate to make enemies secure neutral objectives for her

Renata in League of Legends is providing an entirely new outlook to stealing neutral objectives (Image via League of Legends)
Renata in League of Legends is providing an entirely new outlook to stealing neutral objectives (Image via League of Legends)
Rishov "Vergil" Mukherjee

Renata Glasc is an upcoming support champion within League of Legends. On February 1, League of Legends released the full kit for the champion, and it looks like fans are currently having a blast with her on the PBE.

However, it appears Renata's kit can do more than just turn enemies against one another. It seems she can even make enemy junglers secure neutral objectives such as barons and dragons for her team.

She's out on PBE!!! Renata has such an awesome design, so it was wonderful painting her base splash <3

It is unclear if this was initially intended or a bug. However, this is an absolutely broken ability that can instantly turn the tides of battle. In fact, this ability will be a nightmare in both solo queues and professional games.

Renata's ability to steal jungle objectives by using the enemy jungler is probably one of the most overtuned abilities in League of Legends


Renata Glasc is a very interesting champion. Her ability to buff allies and turn enemies against one another makes her one of the strongest units even before release.

Renata looks like a champion who can turn around teamfights in favor of her allies. If she can make the heavily farmed enemy ADC attack the enemy midlaner, winning teamfights will become much easier.

Mid champions like LeBlanc and Orianna are incredibly squishy. However, ADCs like Jhin and Caitlyn have the ability to two-shot the above-mentioned midlaners in late games.

Renata Glasc steps onto the PBE 👀💪 Renata Glasc "The Chembaroness"💪 Admiral Glasc

Renata's ultimate can be used to make the enemy Jhin on his fourth shot, hit the enemy LeBlanc, and turn the fight 5v4 even before it begins. This is something that is way too overpowered. It will probably need to be balanced once Renata is officially released into the game.

However, it seems that her ultimate can do much more than that. If the enemy jungler is killing the red/blue buff or securing the rift herald or the baron and gets hit by Renata's ultimate, the neutral objective will be secured by Renata instead of the enemy.

FINALLY I get to talk about Renata Glasc and her ultimate, featuring the new crowd control, Berserk! Berserk is the largest tech feature I've added since moving full-time into engineering.…

In other words, suppose the enemy is killing the Elder Dragon. Renata simply uses her ultimate in the dragon pit, and the dragon is killed without a smite, so the buff will go to Renata and her team.

The only counter to this ability is using smite to take down the objective. This is something that will be very important to remember as it makes smite even more valuable when there is a Renata in the opposition team.

While this is a fun aspect of her kit, it can lead to lots of frustration amongst players. In fact, this can be even more annoying than the Chemtech Dragon, which was officially disabled on account of being way too overpowered.

Hopefully, once Renata is released, there will be some balancing done to her ultimate. It will prevent League of Legends from becoming a nightmare once again.

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