Life is Strange 2 developer has eight games between 2022 and 2025

Two of the eight games have been revealed by Dontnod (Image via Dontnod Entertainment)
Two of the eight games have been revealed by Dontnod (Image via Dontnod Entertainment)

Dontnod, the developer of Life is Strange 2, announced in their business review that a whopping eight games are coming between 2022 and 2025. Two of the games have already been announced, but they have reported six more to be on the way.

While the other projects are unknown, it will be a busy few years for Dontnod, as the company aims to break into the action-RPG section of the gaming development world.


Two games announced, six more to be revealed by Life is Strange 2 developer

A few titles are already known to the world. Life is Strange 2’s development team will be publishing Gerda: A Flame in Winter by PortaPlay, a Danish game developer. The other title has no revealed name but is going to be by led Studio Tolima and is presently in the works.

Through Project 8 with Focus Entertainment, Dontnod seeks to break into the action-RPG world. Another focus will be games with a strong narrative, led by the creators of Life is Strange itself.

The six unnamed projects will be in-house projects, while the other two that have been revealed will publish the games of other studios. There is no further information about those titles other than they are on the way.


The developer of Life is Strange 2 also talked about previously released titles, such as Vampyr and Twin Mirror. The former was ultimately a massive success, according to the developers. They said it was the most significant success to date of the development team alongside Life is Strange.

Oskar Guilbert, Chairman and CEO of Dontnod, spoke about this success in particular.

“This dynamic is notably linked to the success of Life is Strange and Vampyr, which we intend to continue to capitalize on. It is therefore natural that we decide to accelerate our investments in the development capacities of new games that will follow in the same vein, both in the multi-project hub in Montreal and in the RPG hub in Paris.”

Twin Mirror did not do quite as well, only recouping 75% of the cost of the game. Since the Steam version is banned in China, Dontnod does not expect much as a whole.


Time will tell what any of these games could be like. As Vampyr and Twin Mirror were mentioned, this could be a hint about those spaces being explored more, as well as the Life is Strange universe.

While there are no further details, the developers of Life is Strange 2, Dontnod, have quite a lot coming over the next few years and will look to capitalize upon previous support.

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