"Lifeline mains need their brain cells buffed": Apex Legends community is furious at players who can't heal

Some players are unhappy with how Lifeline is played (Image via Respawn)
Some players are unhappy with how Lifeline is played (Image via Respawn)

Lifeline in Apex Legends has been a curious champion because of her build and abilities. The combat medic is built to profit both players and their teammates.

However, many players have long complained that Lifeline mains do not know how to play her properly. Some have claimed that the legend needs a buff. However, one player in particular believes that users need to up their game while playing with Lifeline.

Apex Legends players aren't happy with Lifeline players (Image via Reddit/BFGNaturally)
Apex Legends players aren't happy with Lifeline players (Image via Reddit/BFGNaturally)

Lifeline is one of several legends in Apex Legends. Her abilities make her ideal in squads with her ability to heal and revive. However, a large part of the player base has often complained that she needs a buff.

Based on the current discussion, it will appear that a certain part of the player base feels that the problem is caused by how they play with Lifeline.

Apex Legends players believe the problem with Lifeline is with how she's played

Apex Legends has no shortage of legends, but Lifeline's kit can make her quite effective. However, there is one condition - players need to play her well. While some have asked for Lifeline to be buffed, Reddit user u/BFGNaturally believes that players need to play her better.

Based on the majority's reactions, it appears that there are a certain number of Apex Legends who feel the same. One player thinks that Lifeline mains are the worst players in the game as they never use her abilities on teammates.

Lifeline has a very useful revival and tactical ability which one player feels is nearly impossible to expect from anyone playing the legend.

Another player had a more serious accusation as they commented that nearly 100% of the Lifeline players go AFK during legend selection. So, they end up playing a legend they did not pick and do not know how to play.

The only way some players get to heal their characters from Lifeline's abilities is by staying close to her.

One player believes that the players who are the lowest on confidence play Lifeline to give support to teammates. This results in a lack of required skill and inferior play with the given legend.

Some also feel that Lifeline isn't the only one with the problem as they have encountered the same issues with Valkyrie mains.

One player, however, feels that Lifeline's cooldown of her ultimate makes her inferior and she indeed needs a buff in Apex Legends.

Another player believes that randoms in Apex Legends pick Lifeline for unknown reasons. Had these people been Lifeline mains, the results would have been better.

A player also commented that they have seen plenty of times where a Lifeline player has used her heals on themselves rather than their teammates.

Some even complained about players who would pick Lifeline and decided to lead the charge and get taken down, making matters worse.

A person feels that the problem with Lifeline is a result of her kit and the game modes in Apex Legends. Playing Lifeline perfectly will require a good amount of coordination and understanding. Players leaving after being taken down reduces Lifeline's potential as she loses a chance to revive.

Some members felt that the problem was with the post owner and how they behaved in the video. Overall, the debate over whether Lifeline needs a buff or not will continue. For the time being, the player base hopes that the next person who picks the character knows how to utilize her abilites to the fullest.

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