Horizon-Lifeline trick in Apex Legends allows players to fly high above enemies and heal

New Apex Legends trick revolving Lifeline and Horizon (Image via Sportskeeda)
New Apex Legends trick revolving Lifeline and Horizon (Image via Sportskeeda)

The vast range of Legends in Apex Legends allows players to experiment with their abilities to get the best outcome. Each of the twenty Legends in the battle royale game has its own unique ability that gamers can use.

Sometimes, players like to use tricks that can help them beat their opposition or make them look cool in front of opponents. The latest scheme allows gamers to rise above their enemies and heal, thereby staying out of reach from the gunfire temporarily.

New Horizon-Lifeline trick in Apex Legends


To pull off the new trick uncovered by Chadward, players will need to have Lifeline and Horizon in their squad. Chadward is a YouTuber who likes to upload videos to video games like Apex Legends, Escape from Tarkov and Overwatch.

They will have to use Lifeline’s Drone of Compassion and stand on top of it to carry out the trick. Once they can see inside, players have to use Horizon’s tactical ability to defy gravity.


Using the trick, players can rise above 200 metres from the ground using Horizon's ability. They can also recover from the wounds inflicted by their enemies at the same time due to Lifeline's Drone.

The effectiveness of the trick is not yet known to many players. Even if it looks cool, the tactic does attract opponents' attention. Since players need to have enough confidence to land back down and defeat their enemies, the Horizon-Lifeline trick is not recommended for close-quarter fights.

Attributes of Lifeline and Horizon in Apex Legends

To get a better idea of how to implement the above trick in the battle royale game, players can take a look at the abilities of Lifeline and Horizon:

1) Lifeline

Lifeline and her abilities (Image via EA)
Lifeline and her abilities (Image via EA)

Lifeline is one of the most famous characters in the battle royale game and helps with health recovery. The three significant abilities of the Legend are as follows:

Tactical Ability – D.O.C. Heal Drone

This ability allows Lifeline to call her Drone of Compassion to aid her teammates nearby by healing their wounds automatically.

Passive Ability – Combat Medic

Lifeline can move away freely to defeat opponents using this skill, while the Drone of Compassion gets activated to help revive teammates.

Ultimate Ability – Care Package

Lifeline can summon a drop-pod filled with high-tier defensive gear to get equipped in times of crisis.

2) Horizon

Horizon and her abilities (Image via EA)
Horizon and her abilities (Image via EA)

Horizon’s unique ability is all about defying gravity. The various aspects of her ability are given below:

Tactical Ability – Gravity Lift

This ability allows Horizon to lift players upwards by reversing the flow of gravity.

Passive Ability – Spacewalk

Here, the Legend helps by increasing air control and reducing fall impacts.

Ultimate Ability – Black Hole

Using her final ability, she can deploy her gadget N.E.W.T., which creates a black hole that sucks players in and hits them with a dose of gravitational force towards the end.

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