Lost Ark full launch: New European regional servers, additional launch gifts, and more

Lost Ark will be adding a new set of servers (Image via Smilegate RPG)
Lost Ark will be adding a new set of servers (Image via Smilegate RPG)

Lost Ark's release has been much bigger than initially anticipated, and the result has been extremely long queue times and server overloads. The game has been brought to western audiences by Amazon Games after being restricted to a small section of audiences in Asia and Russia.

Due to the incredible hype, many European and American players have taken up the game since its release on February 11. There are different regions with each having its servers, but the largest load has probably been in Europe.

It's done itLost Ark just became only the 5th game EVER to pass OVER 1 MILLION CONCURRENT PLAYERS ON STEAMUn-freakin-believable

While the exact amount of players in each region hasn't been given out, Lost Ark has already broken several records with its massive number of concurrent players on Steam.

To accommodate more players and reduce the pressure on servers, Amazon Games is coming up with some significant steps in the upcoming days and bonus rewards.

Lost Ark players in Europe will be getting a brand new region

The only available option for European players and those nearby is the Central European region and its servers. Multiple servers are available, but they're getting filled out quickly as per the official information. Amazon Games is bringing out a brand new region in light of the situation.

Amazon Games has yet to put an ETA or more information on which part the new region of servers will cater to. But based on the current data, the new servers won't have crossplay with the servers of older regions, including Central Europe, for the time being.

📢 It has just been announced that a completely new region of servers for European players is in the works.Also, to celebrate the launch of Lost Ark, all players will be able to get multiple in-game rewards. Including a mount, a skin, and…

In addition, any one-time rewards that have been redeemed and region-specific content won't be available in the new region. Based on an advisory by Amazon Games, the new region will be ideal for players who are yet to start on their Lost Ark journeys.

How to redeem the additional rewards in Lost Ark?

To mark the launch of the new region, Amazon Games have announced additional rewards coming the way of players. These rewards will be available when the new European server is up. But the rewards will not be restricted. In contrast, they will be available to all the players.


Redeeming these rewards will be pretty simple once the rewards are up. All a player will need to do is login into their game during the relevant period just once, and all the rewards will be available to them. However, players should remember that the rewards will be obtainable until March 1, 11:59 PM PT. Post that moment, the rewards won't be redeemable.

List of launch rewards of the upcoming new region

  • Vehicle Selection Chest (choice of either mount)
  • Terpeion
  • Terpeion of the Shadow
  • Midsummer Night's Dream Instrument Skin Selection Chest
  • Healing Battle Item Chest x10
  • Offensive Battle Item Chest x10
  • Legendary Rapport Selection Chest x3
  • Weekly Trade potions Pack x3
  • Phoenix Plume x20

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