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Luminosity Gaming may have signed meme account 'Albert' for ratio-ing a tweet

Image via Luminosity Gaming
Image via Luminosity Gaming
Modified 23 Dec 2020, 09:31 IST

Luminosity Gaming might have signed one of Twitter's fastest-growing meme accounts after a challenge was sent out.

Albert, the meme account in question, saw a ratio challenge of sorts given by Luminosity Gaming. In the tweet from the latter, the organization offered to sign anyone who got 100k likes to reply to the tweet. Albert, whose official account is Albert12798, responded with a very simple "that's easy," which appears to have worked.

The Albert meme account's reply got over 100k likes and is currently sitting at 123k likes. Following the reply, a day later, Luminosity Gaming tweeted out, "Welcome the CEO of Ratio to LG," which was accompanied by a faceless person wearing an LG sweatshirt.

Next to the person, a banner was displayed that said "LG Albert" and "Pro Ratioer."

The entire situation may be one long meme, which would be entirely on-brand for the Albert Twitter account. But it's at the very least a very popular joke, and Luminosity Gaming continued to tweet about the situation.

In their last tweet about Albert, they said they wanted to peer pressure Albert into doing a voice reveal while playing Among Us.

Luminosity Gaming and the Albert meme account on Twitter


Albert's account doesn't have a very long history on the platform. It was created just a short while ago, some time in September 2020. Since then, the account has posted meme tweets and has really only followed other meme accounts on top of content creators around the community.

It's almost impossible to know who Albert really is, as their followers don't give them away, and their profile is completely blank. There is no real information on the account. But everyone has come to know one thing about it, and it's that the account is meant for ratios now.

With 340k followers, many Twitter users know Albert for the ratios they do on Twitter. The account has been known to ratio people like Playboi Carti and Sommer Ray in separate instances.

When Playboi tweeted, "mY b3sT w0rk YET," Albert replied with, "my best ratio yet." Albert ended up ratio-ing him with the simple reply.

For context, a ratio is when someone tweets, and a reply to the tweet gets more likes than the initial tweet. A ratio can be a flex from someone else, or it can mean that the tweet was an unpopular opinion. In Albert's case, it merely means that they have built up recognition ratio-ing any tweet they would like, including from Luminosity Gaming.

Published 23 Dec 2020, 09:31 IST
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