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Methodical mode in Among Us: Rules, format, and other details

Image via Campustimes
Image via Campustimes
Modified 16 Nov 2020, 10:07 IST

Among Us is a game of adventure, puzzles, confusion, conflict, and murder-mystery. The classic rules of the game, however, are simplistic. If a player is assigned the role of a Crewmate, he/she should complete all the tasks while discovering who the Impostor is. If the player is an Impostor, he/she must kill everyone anonymously without getting discovered.

Another rule in Among Us is that players should not talk outside of meetings, either in voice or group chats, and that ghosts (killed Crewmates) shouldn’t talk at all. However, the rules of every individual game can be changed by tweaking some settings and basic methods of play.

The Methodical mode in Among Us is one of the newly-introduced ones in-game by fans. It can be played by tweaking some basic rules and in-game settings in a lobby. This article shares all the rules, settings, and formats that players need to follow while playing this game type in Among Us.

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All details about the Methodical mode in Among Us

Note: The Methodical mode is only to be played with friends and not random players. It is unofficial, so hosts will have to officiate games to ensure everyone is playing it right.

Here are the set of rules to follow for this mode in Among Us:

Among Us gameplay
Among Us gameplay

Rules to follow:

  • Impostors can sabotage the whole map.
  • Impostors can lock the doors.
  • Impostors can use vent-kill.
  • Crewmates can fix all the sabotages.
  • Dead bodies in the game can be reported.
  • Emergency Meetings can be called in-game.
  • Everyone is allowed to communicate in discussion rounds except the ghosts (killed crewmates).
  • Ghosts are not allowed to call out the name of the Impostor.
  • Crewmates need to finish all their tasks to win the game before the Impostor kills the entire crew.

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After the set of rules, here is a quick rundown for the in-game settings to follow:

In-game settings format
In-game settings format
  • Player Speed - 1.5x
  • Crewmate Vision - 2x
  • Impostor Vision - 2.5x
  • Kill Cooldown - 30 seconds
  • Kill Distance - Short
  • Visual Tasks - On
  • Common Tasks - 2
  • Long Tasks - 3
  • Short Tasks - 2
  • Impostors: 2(for 8+ players in a lobby)
  • Confirm ejects: On
  • Emergency Meetings: 2
  • Voting time: 300 seconds
  • Anonymous votes: Off

The extended voting and discussion times and two emergency meetings per player mostly favor the deduction part of Among Us and allow Crewmates to detect Impostor methodically.

Confirm ejects are necessary for these games, making players aware of their suspicions and favoring them. So having longer tasks can offer equal chances to Impostors, while including visual tasks are a great help for the deduction.

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Published 16 Nov 2020, 10:07 IST
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