“Tomorrow”: Minecraft streamer Jschlatt announces his long-awaited return to Twitch, fans go wild

Jschlatt announces return to streaming in brief explanation video (Image via YouTube/jschlattLIVE)
Jschlatt announces return to streaming in brief explanation video (Image via YouTube/jschlattLIVE)

Minecraft streamer Jonathan "Jschlatt" Schlatt is making his much-anticipated return to streaming, specifically on Twitch.

The content creator has been absent from streaming for the most part, while only occasionally uploading videos to his YouTube Channel. He will be making his return this Friday, on 17 December 2021.

Jschlatt talks about unhappiness with YouTube channel

Jschlatt has been in the content creation scene for quite a while, on both YouTube and Twitch. His two-year-long break from streaming has been quite a punch to his fans, who previously watched him stream Minecraft and play the game with other content creators.


Jschlatt gave a quick summary on his YouTube channel as to why exactly his two-year hiatus took place:

"I used to stream on Twitch, mostly Minecraft and then post it on YouTube."
"But I felt like I couldn't do anything else, because that's all people really wanted to watch. I'd stream anything else and I'd be down thousands of views."
"So I didn't do anything else, I just streamed Minecraft and I would never let myself do what I actually wanted to do, which would've resulted in better content, better streams, and probably more of them. I came to YouTube because of that, because I felt more comfortable doing what I wanted to do on YouTube."

He then explained how he started making algorithm-friendly content for YouTube, as he knew that was what would rake in views. However, it wasn't the content that he was interested in making and YouTube's system would push down content that didn't appeal to their algorithm.

After an interesting minute-long animated cinematic, Jschlatt revealed that he would be making his return to Twitch streaming through the 'jschlatt' ID on 17 December 2021 at 8.00 pm (EST) and would be live every Friday after that as well.

He also announced another Twitch channel called 'schlatt,' where he would have relaxed streams where he plays whatever he wants to.

According to Jonathan, the YouTube channel will be used as an archive for his old videos and will also be used as a highlights and clips channel for his streams. Therefore, fans will still be able to keep up with his content even if they're not able to catch him during every livestream.

Prior to his return, Jschlatt wasn't completely invisible in the content creation scene. He would upload at least one or two videos a month and was often spotted on his friends' livestreams.

He had attended Sh*tcamp, the Twitch live streamer gathering held earlier this year and was a guest judge on AustinShow's Talent Show.