Minecraft YouTuber Jack Manifold responds to "misogynist" claims

Jack Manifold is a popular YouTuber (Image via Instagram/jackmanifoldtv)
Jack Manifold is a popular YouTuber (Image via Instagram/jackmanifoldtv)
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Minecraft streamer Jack Manifold recently got caught up in a fairly serious controversy. The 19-year-old YouTuber and Twitch streamer received some heat regarding a conversation that he and content creator Mizkif had on stream.

The conversation was about the younger and female audience of another popular Minecraft streamer named GeorgeNotFound. The controversy was treated very seriously by users on Twitch and Reddit, and a Jack responded to it recently.


“I do not mean it in a misogynistic sense”: Minecraft star Jack Manifold addresses rumors


The controversy started after Jack was featured in one of Mizkif’s streams. Mizkif was talking about the audience of Minecraft streamer GeorgeNotFound, and how his YouTube and Twitch audience consisted of teenage girls who were “obsessed” with his content. This led to Mizkif asking Jack:

“Am I wrong on this? It’s 15-year-olds, that are girls, that are obsessed with him.”

What reeled Jack into the controversy was his replying “Yes,” essentially agreeing with Mizkif when he mentioned that 15-year-old girls were obsessing over George. Mizkif then went on to ask Jack if he knew what Dream looked like, and if his recent “doxxing” incident was real. Jack seemed uncomfortable and responded that he did not know.

Adding fuel to the fire was another clip from a Twitch stream hosted by popular Minecraft YouTuber Ph1LzA, who was playing with another YouTuber named Wilbur Soot at the time. In the clip, Wilbur wonders aloud and asks Ph1LzA if he could tell him “something that teenage girls could be interested in without being made fun of.”

One Twitter user posted the clip on the social media platform, saying, “Jack Manifold and Mizkif needa [sic] hear this one.” Wilbur explained the situation in detail, which was the main reason behind the misogynistic claims that Jack was facing.

i think jack manifold and mizkif needa hear this one 😁

Ph1LzA seemed a little flustered and did not answer the question. Wilbur, however, had more to say on the topic, adding that what he said about teenage girls was true and that it's “s*xist” and “unfair.” Wilbur went on to say that the issue was one thing in modern media that annoyed him:

“Teenage girls have nothing they can be interested in without being mocked.”

In the Twitch stream, where he addressed claims of being a misogynist, Jack apologized many times and continued to say that he was not a misogynist, and the conversation with Mizkif was about demographics.

Jack expressed his opinion on the matter, saying that the words he spoke in the clip with Ph1LzA (about teenage girls having nothing they can be interested in without being mocked) made him feel proud for creating a community where the aforementioned girls could go and enjoy the streamer’s content without being made fun of. Jack added:

"I am very happy to have the audience I have."

He then mentioned that his thoughts on the same have been twisted into the supposed fact that he is a misogynist. He claimed that the rumors are the exact opposite of what he felt and meant, and stated that the audiences on platforms like Twitch and YouTube were quite different before the Dream SMP and stan culture came along. Jack added:

"We (Dream SMP) came and we populated, and we gave that community a platform."

Jack insisted that the “teenage girls” conversation was about the demographic of Twitch and YouTube viewers and not a misogynistic comment about girls watching streamers. The rest of the video has Jack talking about how it was “insane” that people thought he was misogynistic for saying the things he did and expressing his opinions, and about him genuinely not knowing what Dream looked like with regards to his “doxxing” case.

"I genuinely do not know what Dream looks like."

His chat expressed their thoughts throughout the clip, and many came out in support and forgiveness for the streamer.

Twitter reactions to the recent Jack Manifold controversy

the same people calling jack manifold mysogynistic are the same people that trashed niki in mcc for being “sensitive”
i don’t want this dream and jack tl anymore. all i know is that dream apologized and that’s good and jack manifold was not being a mysogynist I DON’T WANT THIS TL ANYMOREE
mizkif said this while jack manifold and connoreatspants was over. So messed up. (real)
@lexisdreaming I feel so bad for jack he just got dragged in 😭
jack manifold was just an easy target bcs mizkif obviously does not give a shit abt this and yall have no one else to yell at 😭
I'm getting annoyed at seeing everyone hating on jack manifold for out of context stuff posted to Reddit by a person who has a bias against jack, like go watch the 15 min mizkif clip and make your own opinion, he didn't say misogynistic stuff he was talking demographics
@K1W1MAkAYl8 jack manifold and mizkif grouped georges audience as 15 yr old girls and made fun of georges streaming schedule
@dtqklights @Waterparks0 @JackManifoldTV Idk if he saved the vod or not, he did say that he wanted people to explain to him how he was mysogynistic under the definition of misogyny which is the prejudice of women. He did say something along those lines. He was genuinely asking for that so he could see where he was wrong

Jack Manifold is a well-known name in the Minecraft community and has spent years building a non-toxic community. He is primarily known for his Minecraft content, along with his various collaborations with other content creators, most of whom are primarily known for being a part of the popular streamer server, Dream SMP.

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