"I've got an offer too": Mizkif reveals the plans of his NFT negotiation deal  

Mizkif reveals his $700,000 NFT deal (Image via Twitch/Mizkif)
Mizkif reveals his $700,000 NFT deal (Image via Twitch/Mizkif)

Matthew "Mizkif" recently revealed a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) offer he received. Mizkif, a member and co-owner of content and gaming organization One True King (OTK), talked about his plans to create something special out of his dislike for digital assets.

Mizkif was reacting to a clip from fellow streamer xQc, where the latter talked about rejecting a $1.2million deal to promote NFT. Miz then revealed that he, too, had been offered a similar promotional deal by the same organization.

"I've got an offer too."

Mizkif discusses his plans regarding the NFT promotional deal

During his latest stream, Mizkif was reacting to a clip of xQc talking about rejecting a lucrative NFT deal. xQc revealed the details of his negotiations, which included promoting the NFT through various social media channels.

Pausing the clip mid-way, Miz excitedly informed his viewers that he too had been approached by the same organization for an NFT deal.

"I got an offer. I'm raising my hands, me. I got an offer too!"

The streamer then proceeded to talk about the negotiating value. Miz disclosed that his deal was at a similar value to the deal rejected by xQc. While xQc was offered a $1.2 million deal, the OTK star was quoted a close $700,000.

"$700,000. $700,000, very similar. Very similar...Very similar."

However, xQc's rejection of his deal provided Miz with a bargaining advantage. The streaker then announced that the negotiations were ongoing as he was trying to raise a quote on his NFT promotion deal.

"So, it's currently in negotiations. I'm trying to get the number up."

As the stream continued, Miz revealed that for a higher deal, he would be willing to do more promotions than xQc's deal. Miz has been vocal about his disapproval of NFTs in the past. However, in this instance, he saw the offer as a chance to promote something good.


He promised to do a giveaway on his Twitch chat. He stated that if he received a higher value on the negotiation deal, he would give away 90 percent of the earnings off his deal to his viewers while cashing in the remaining 10 percent for himself.

"I’ll do a giveaway. How about this? If I get $900,000, I’ll do a giveaway of $800,000. That way, I look good. I’ll do a wholesome stream. And you know what? I’ll make $100,000 and I'm out of here."

Later in the stream, Miz reiterated his dislike for NFTs, calling them "absolutely garbage and scummy." He went on to appreciate xQc and other fellow streamers who took a strong stance against NFTs.


Streamers have cleared their stance on NFTs

xQc, Pokimane, and Mizkif are among the massive group of streamers who have vehemently stood against NFTs and their promotion. Through social media, these influencers have displayed their disapproval of digital assets over time.

"Non-Fungible Tokens" or NFTs are a blockchain trend where an individual is granted ownership of a digital art by registering to a blockchain. NFTs have caused quite a stir over the past few months, with major streamers coming out in opposition to them. NFTs continue to remain a hot topic within the streaming community.

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