MLB The Show 22: How to cancel an attempt to steal a base

MLB The Show 22 offers a lot of realistic things like stealing a base (Image via Sony)
MLB The Show 22 offers a lot of realistic things like stealing a base (Image via Sony)

MLB The Show 22 brings the most realistic baseball simulator, with San Diego Studios making more improvements. The game tries to provide the best experience for playing baseball on a virtual screen.

A vital point is the amount of freedom the players are offered. They can replicate minute actions from a real-life game that includes stealing bases.

Stealing bases is an essential part of baseball which is often done strategically. A correctly timed stolen base usually gets the team that elusive run it's looking to land the win.


So naturally, it's not significantly different in the game, and players have a choice to steal a base when required quickly. However, the timing could be off, and it's best not to try to steal the base. Thankfully, MLB The Show 22 does offer a chance to cancel an attempt, albeit not directly.

MLB The Show 22 has a couple of ways to cancel an attempt to steal a base

Before knowing how to cancel an attempt, it's crucial to understand how to attempt a base steal. Otherwise, the question of canceling an attempt won't arrive. The simple process is to press LT/L2 if all the runners are to attempt to steal a base.

Alternately, players will have to use the left stick combined with LT/L2 if they want a specific player to attempt.


Timing is quite important as an early attempt will get the runner picked. Therefore, a proper time is to wait till the pitcher starts their action. Alternately, players can press LB/L1 to lead off the runners.

How to cancel an attempt to steal a base on MLB The Show 22?

A player may decide to steal a base but might change their mind. The problem with attempting to steal a base is down to the fact that there's no direct way to recall the runner. However, the ability to call a time-out as a batter is beneficial.

Whenever a player takes a time-out, it will reset all the decisions that have been made. This includes any order that was there for stealing a base. This is an indirect but effective way to cancel any decision if a player changes their mind. However, there could be cases where the time-out isn't applicable. Worry not, for there is still a way to counter that.


The best alternative an MLB The Show 22 player will have is to press the RB/R1 button. This button orders all baserunners to return to their original position, and players can even use the left stick to order a particular runner.

This will help the runners get caught midway, but it's not without caveats. Once the player instructs the runner to retreat, their first intention will be to return to their original position.

If a player then hits the ball, the runners will run. However, there will be a few second delay due to the original motion of the runners (to return to base). This delay could be vital and may run a runner out. Hence, it's best to avoid hitting the ball if there's an intention to cancel an earlier given instruction.


It's clear that stealing a base in MLB The Show 22 is more straightforward than canceling it. While there are two ways, neither is a full-proof solution. The second could be even more problematic if the batter hits the ball.

Players should attempt to steal the base only if they're sure. One important point to not forget is to time the attempt to steal correctly and wait for the pitcher to start his action. MLB The Show is now available on all major platforms and is available on day one on the Xbox Game Pass.

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