Rumored Xbox Game Pass lineup for April 2022 includes Cricket 22, Life is Strange: True Colors, and more

A potential list of games for the first half of April has been uncovered for Xbox Game Pass (Images via Steam)
A potential list of games for the first half of April has been uncovered for Xbox Game Pass (Images via Steam)

A new month means fresh arrivals on the Xbox Game Pass. While fans wait for the official reveal, which is usually done every Tuesday, the potential titles have already been leaked.

As far as the leaks are concerned, Xbox Game Pass owners will have some exciting titles to enjoy throughout the summer months. In the form of MLB The Show 22, one of them is already known over its day one release. To add to that, some great games will be added over the month.

Game Pass lineup for the 1st half of April has been uncovered by XGP- Life Is Strange: True Colors- Lost in Random- MLB The Show 2022- Cricket 2022- Panzercorps 2- Chinatown Detective Agency- Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk+ Some EA games coming to…

Since its inception, the Xbox Game Pass library-type service has grown. The concept works on borrowing games as players pay a monthly fee for a vast collection of games. As games leave the service from time to time, many are added to make up for them. These include day one releases like MLB The Show 22 and releases that have occurred in the past.

Xbox Game Pass entries for April have been leaked

Earlier on March 5, the games set to arrive on the Xbox Game Pass were leaked. Apart from MLB The Show 22, which was already known, there are some great games that players will be able to enjoy on PCs and consoles.


Cricket 22 could join the list in April and offer some competition to MLB The Show 22 as far as sports games are concerned. The game offers the most realistic cricket simulation and comes into service within six months of its release. It will be available to console players and on the cloud service.

Chinatown Detective Agency is one of the most hotly anticipated indie games of 2022. If the rumors turn out to be accurate, it could be a day one entry on the Xbox Game Pass. The game is set to truly test the deductive powers of the player as it claims to encourage the spirit of a true detective.

The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos made its entry on the pass last month but was available on consoles. This month, it's set to spread its wings over to the PC version.


Life is Strange: True Colors is another main entry about to arrive on the service. The brilliant game will be available to PC and console players and simultaneously available for livestream. Players will be able to play as Alex Chen in the third mainstream release of the series. It's also a relatively recent game released in August 2021.

Panzercorps 2 is the perfect option for lovers of strategy and warfare. Xbox Game Pass added Crusader Kings 3 last month, and its list of strategy games is set to get even bigger. Released in 2020, Panzercorps 2 provides the ultimate strategic experience in the backdrop of World War II.

Finally, players will be able to take further advantage due to the integration of EA Play into the service. Lost in Random is a unique adventure game released in 2021. This month, it could enter EA Play and show it available to all the Game Pass subscribers.


Three EA games will also be available in cloud gaming. The potential list includes Star Wars Squadrons, Dragon Age II, and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. All three games are already available on PC and consoles as part of the Game Pass.

It should be noted that this information is based on a leak, and the official release could differ. However, fans are in for a treat if the confirmed list sticks to the leaked one. The list has some excellent games, especially those who love sports games.

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