What is the best hitting settings in MLB The Show 22

Which is the best way to hit in MLB The Show 22 (Image via San Diego Studio)
Which is the best way to hit in MLB The Show 22 (Image via San Diego Studio)

MLB The Show 22 offers a realistic experience to gamers when it comes to hitting in the game. Hitting represents one of the two core activities that are part of baseball. It is the source by which runs come and decide the winners. Hitting, in general, isn't an easy thing to do in baseball. Hence, it becomes important for players to know the best hitting settings to increase their chances of scoring a home run.


MLB The Show 22 continues on the success of the previous games. It retains the best features of previous The Show games and adds new features. This year's release has added two new difficulty modes to make it the perfect starting point for new players.

Hitting is something every player wants to do as perfectly as possible. This makes it even more important to know the different settings and choose the best one for them.

MLB The Show 22 offers three different settings when it comes to hitting

Picking the perfect hitting settings can only be done when a player knows in-depth about all three of them. Each hitting type has some pros and cons, and the idea is to pick the one that suits them best.



This is the one that is set as the default when a player starts the game. The idea of this mode is to pick the direction of the bat's swing and where the ball could come from. The direction can be fully changed until the bat is swung. Controlling the directions isn't very difficult, and it can be done with the left stick (default settings).

Players will make the perfect hit if the ball comes in the right direction and the timing is correct. This is the ideal target a player will aim for when batting. The problem with directional hitting is solved by the next method in this list. Directional hitting's main problem lies with the pitches between the zones.



This is the method that most veterans are likely to use in MLB The Show 22. Zonal hitting offers maximum freedom when it comes to controlling the swing. Players can swing their bat in any region they want, and unlike Directional, this method helps cover the lines between the zones. The goal is to bring the zone anywhere near the ball and center it as much as possible.

While Zonal hitting offers distinct advantages, it has its hardships. Batters with low contact numbers will almost certainly miss pitches at all times. In addition, the ability to move the reticle to the correct position is easier said than done.



This is the most restricted and easiest mode to hit in MLB The Show 22. It requires no covering of zones or guessing of directions. All a player needs to do correctly is guess the pace of the ball and time their hit accordingly. The timing of the swing is shown on the left-bottom side of the screen, which offers good guidance to players. This can be done by keeping the direction at the center and is way too basic.

The major weakness of this method is its lack of ability to control directions. This leaves the corners of the strike zone unprotected, which can be problematic. Low pitches can also lead to ground ball outs, and the lack of direction can often result in a good hit going in the wrong direction.

What are the best hitting settings in MLB The Show 22?

It's quite clear that each method has its strengths and weaknesses. For a beginner, getting used to the pace of the time can take a long time. There are also different types of swings to master and equipment to use. But, despite its limitations, the Directional method is the way to go.


For those willing to take their game to the next level, the Zonal method is the way to go. While it may be trickier to control than the Directional method, there is good reason to practice it. Zonal hitting can be very effective against harder opponents in MLB The Show 22.

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