Modern Warfare 2 guide: Prestige system and Military Ranks explained

Modern Warfare 2 Military Ranks and Prestige explained (Image via Activision)
A guide to Modern Warfare 2's Military Ranks and Prestige system (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released with an account ranking system similar to the earlier titles, which coincides with levels of multiple tiers but can be very confusing at first. It is comparatively tougher for new players to wrap their heads around the method if they just want to level up their accounts to the maximum limit.

Modern Warfare 2 comes with its own leveling system that has progression criteria and rewards players with different in-game gadgets and perks to complete each account rank. This is also the primary method to unlock most of the killstreaks, perks, and weapons as they are locked behind these account levels.

Let's discuss the military account ranks and how to get a Prestige rank in Modern Warfare 2, along with the perks one can receive with it.

Exploring Modern Warfare 2's Military Ranks and Prestige feature


There are a total of 55 Military Ranks (MR) that players can progress through with the 55th MR being the level cap. It is not the easiest feat to complete all the tiers after only two days of the game’s release, but is not impossible either. With a full grind-set mentality, fans can push through all the tiers and unlock the complete set of equipment that is locked behind the tiers.

There are also certain specific game modes that can offer a faster method to gain XP, helping players to rank up faster in the same amount of time instead of playing random match types.

Prestige system


The Prestige system in Modern Warfare 2 will become available once Season 1 arrives. Players can grind and stay on Military Rank 55 until then and can reset their account to Military Rank 1 at the time. This will revert the entire progression of the account back to level 1 and the player will gain their first Prestige level.

Fans can then complete all the Military Ranks 1 through 55 again and gain another Prestige level with another rank reset back to 1, and so on. The system is not just for show and comes with its own benefits that can heavily impact the game.

Progressing through these levels will reward players with a few more default loadouts that can be used in multiplayer modes and the option to customize them alongside Warzone 2.0's weapons.

The Prestige system is significant as it represents the time a player has spent in Modern Warfare 2 perfecting and honing their skills, along with mastery over the entire arsenal of weapons that the game offers.

Military Rank leveling up


Modern Warfare 2 has multiple game modes that offer a lot of XP for completing the match's objective. Players who have obtained XP tokens can enable them to boost their rewards even higher and progress faster through Military Ranks.

Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, and Invasion are some of the best game modes that can help fans quickly level up their weapons as well as their account levels. With the Quick Play filter option, they can concentrate on spending time on particular challenges in selected modes and progress quickly as well.


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