Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks: Cruise missiles, stealth bomber, UAVs, and more explained

Modern Warfare 2 kill streaks explained (image via Activision)
Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks explained (Image via Activision)

There are very few terms as iconic in gaming as 'Killstreaks.' A staple of Call of Duty's multiplayer feature, the Killstreaks are back for Modern Warfare 2.

The new title's classic and new Killstreaks feature is essential to Call of Duty's multiplayer experience. With the campaign out of the way and season 1 out now, here is everything you need to know about Killstreaks, how to use them, and more.


What are Killstreaks, and how to use them in Modern Warfare 2?

Killstreaks are a multiplayer feature in Call of Duty, where separate from the loadout, players can pick three Killstreaks, giving them the ability to deploy certain perks upon earning a certain number of eliminations.


Modern Warfare 2 also allows a Scorestreak system where players can use their earned score instead of kills to track their progress. Players can lose these streaks if they are eliminated. In this case, the streak will go back to zero. Gamers can only use one of these streak systems at a time.

All Killstreaks, how much to earn, and use them

4 kills/500 score

UAV: The first of Modern Warfare 2's Killstreaks is the UAV. Upon activation, the UVA flies high over the playable area and scans and reveals enemy locations to teammates every couple of seconds. It will stay as long as it has fuel or can be shot down by a Predator missile.

Bomb Drone: After activating the Bomb Drone, the player gets access to a remote-controlled drone with a C4 and camera. It can be manually detonated or will automatically detonate if it runs out of fuel, is shot down by an enemy, or hits the water. Players can also use its camera to survey chokepoints or covers and make callouts to the team. For Warfare 2 maps, it is recommended to use them against tightly packed groups or at objective points.

5 kills/625 score

Counter UAV: A drone that does exactly as the name suggests. Counter UAV disrupts enemy UAVs or any other tool that uses the minimap to display information. It also flies above the playable area and can be shot down like a standard UAV.

Cluster Mine: A device that, when thrown, releases a cluster of smaller mines in the immediate area. It activates when enemies are detected nearby and does more than lethal damage, capable of wiping out a small group of enemies in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. It's best to place it near doorways, chokepoints, or objectives.

Care Package: Upon activation, the player receives a Care Package marker that can be placed or thrown. This killstreak will drop a care package in the immediate area containing any of the standard Killstreaks. In Modern Warfare 2, odds generally go towards "less expensive" killstreaks but could even contain the "most expensive" ones.

6 kills/750 score

Precision Airstrike: Uses Spotter Scope to designate a target area for bombardment. Marking the area allows two jets to bombard the path along the spots unless a building blocks it. These jets are fast enough to avoid anti-Killstreak technology such as Launchers.

Cruise Missile: Upon activation, a cruise missile is launched that can be controlled by the player using a tablet. It can be steered when airborne, while enemy Operators without the Cold-Blooded Perk will show up with a red icon.

Mortar Strike: Marks the target location with a laser pointer to signal several waves of mortars to attack the area. Great for reaching important objectives and pathways. The Mortar Strike has friendly fire damage, so be cautious while using it.

7 Kills/875 score

Sentry Gun: An AI-controlled weapon, the Sentry Gun scans for nearby enemies once it is placed, firing incendiary rounds at anyone within 90 degrees to the left or right of its original position. Once it is deployed, its deployer can pick it up. Upon the player's death, the sentry is lost.

SAE: In Modern Warfare 2, for precise airstrikes, the SAE has an additional jet and the ability to control the path of each strike. There is a slight impact delay after launch, which lands a relatively accurate triple strike.


8 Kills/1,000 score

VTOL Jet: Releases bombs in a line at the selected point before circling back and guarding a location of the player’s choice. Once it returns, its fast-firing, high-caliber turret can easily eliminate enemies. VTOL Jet can move to a different area if its Operator chooses.

Overwatch Helo: Similar to the attack helicopter from the previous games. Modern Warfare 2's Overwatch Helo has a small twist as it follows closely behind you and pings the enemy locations.

Wheelson-HS: Remote-controlled amphibious vehicle with auto-sentry capabilities. It also has mini turrets and can float on water. It can be remotely controlled or set to auto-pilot after the initial deployment.

10 Kills/1,250 score

Stealth Bomber: Call in a bomber that releases an extensive line of explosives along its path without warning. It blankets most maps with explosives, and the only way to survive is by taking substantial interior cover.

Chopper Gunner: Control an assault chopper armed with a turret and air-to-ground missiles. The Chopper Gunner comes with high-caliber cannon rounds and several rockets for offense. It can also withstand several rockets and has flares to prevent auto-targeting threats. The Gunner also has night vision, allowing players to see the heat signatures of enemies.

Emergency Airdrop: Dropped by a rope system tied to the same helicopter as the usual care package. The Emergency Airdrop delivers three crates together in the same helicopter.

12 Kills/1,500 score

Gunship: A heavy assault gunship equipped with a laser tracking missile and 40 mm and 25 mm cannons. It can wipe out other Killstreaks, Vehicles, or large groups of enemies. It also comes with a built-in thermal vision to detect enemy Operators via their heat signatures, which comes very handy in Modern Warfare 2.

Advanced UAV: An untargetable orbital UAV that reveals the enemy’s direction on the minimap in real time for you and your allies. In Modern Warfare 2, it stays active as long as the standard UAV.

15 Kills/1,875 score

Juggernaut: Once earned, the Juggernaut Care Package marker can be dropped anywhere on the map like a standard Care Package. Modern Warfare 2's Juggernaut package makes the player a super soldier with heavy armor and a lot of health. After the suit is lost to damage, players get a high-power minigun to utilize.