Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: All multiplayer maps coming at launch 

Modern Warfare 2 will have two different types of multiplayer maps (image via Activision)
Modern Warfare 2 will have two different types of multiplayer maps (image via Activision)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 just showed off its much-awaited gameplay reveal. Fans had been impatiently waiting for this reveal, and they now have a basic idea of the things the game will offer.

While the excitement around the game is sky-high, there are some great details from the Modern Warfare 2 Pre-Reveal event to feed the enthusiasm.


Call of Duty's multiplayer is one of the most important aspects of the franchise. While there have been multiple leaks regarding the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer mechanics and maps, fans now have some necessary information regarding the much-anticipated maps, which were recently confirmed by the MP (multiplayer) Design Directors of Infinity Ward, Geoff Smith and Joe Cecot.

Here's what is known so far about the upcoming multiplayer maps in Modern Warfare 2.

The developers have categorized the multiplayer maps into two big groups.

  • Battle Maps - Large Exploratory
  • Core Maps - Small Refined

Battle Maps in Modern Warfare 2

Battle Maps are huge compared to the traditional Call of Duty multiplayer maps. It's mostly focused on more open-field combat and gunfights. The main idea behind the battle maps was the success of Verdansk. When Warzone became so popular the moment it arrived, the devs realized that it was quite possible to make larger maps to offer an immersive experience to fans.

The new Battle Maps in the forthcoming iteration will focus on ground wars and will have the same modes as the Core Map ones, just with more players in the lobby. But that's not to say that those modes are the only ones to be included in the Battle Maps category since there will be a bunch of different modes specifically for Battle Maps as well.

Here are the details of the two Battle Maps coming to the game.


This map is completely focused on urban combat with lots of buildings and cover. Hence, players will experience a similar flavor to the core MP maps on a large scale.

Players will have access to every single building, and they can climb on each one of them. Sa'id will be a very interesting and exploratory map, which is the core idea of the Battle Maps category, to begin with.

Serrif Bay

The second Battle map will be a bit different compared to the first one. The map is situated in a tourist fishing village. There is a hillside and lots of open ground. The main attraction of the map is the huge water playground it provides. Players can swim and get on boats.

Core Maps in Modern Warfare 2


The core maps are all exclusively built for 6v6 battles. Geoff explained that the purpose of these maps is to facilitate close-quarters combat with tighter and cleaner gunfights. Here are all the new core maps that will come with the game.


The map is set in Spain. Players will encounter a much cleaner and more sophisticated environment on this one. Encouraging fast-paced combat, the map will be fun for everyone with a good reaction time.

Grand Prix

This map is a racetrack in Asia, and players will find themselves on this map during the nighttime. However, there will be enough light for players to engage in fair and square gunfights; visibility won't be an issue, according to the devs.

Farm 18

The map's location is undisclosed, but the general overview of the map is that it is a training facility, which is technically a cement factory, where players will have all the accommodations to approach combat more tactically.

This is all the information known so far in terms of the upcoming maps that were revealed by the developers. Stay tuned for further updates and more news regarding the upcoming COD game.

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