Modern Warfare 2 “Showcase not working” error: How to fix, possible reasons, and more

Fixing the “Showcase not working” error in Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Modern Warfare 2)
Fixing the “Showcase not working” error in Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Modern Warfare 2)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer has been fairly positively received by franchise fans, and many in the community are quite happy with how most of the game has turned out.

However, there are a fair number of bugs and performance issues that have been plaguing the shooter since the very first day of its launch, much of which Activision is yet to address.

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One such annoying issue is the “Showcase not working” error which does not allow players to access some of the various features in the shooter like the weapon loadout as well as the Operator selection screen. The in-game client is not showcasing them properly, leading to a lot of frustration among those facing it.

What makes this bug even more annoying is the fact that there are no permanent solutions to it. This usually happens when there are issues with the game files or with the shooter’s servers. However, there are a few temporary solutions that you can look into to fix the “Showcase not working” error in Modern Warfare 2.

Fixing the “Showcase not working” error in Modern Warfare 2


As mentioned, there are no permanent fixes for the “Showcase not working” error in Modern Warfare 2. Here are a few fixes you can try to temporarily solve the problem:

1) Update the game

Version mismatch might be one of the main causes of the error. To avoid this, it’s best to update the game to the latest version.

On PC, you can check for updates using the or Steam client. After you run a check, you will be able to download the latest version of the game if there is one.

Console users will be required to highlight the game, then press on options and select “Check for updates.” This will automatically download the latest version of the game.

2) Restart the game

Many in the community have mentioned that restarting Modern Warfare 2 seems to have temporarily solved the issue for them. While it’s not exactly a feasible permanent fix, it will still allow you to access the game and go through the Operator and weapons showcase before you encounter the bug again.


3) Scan and fix files

If the issue is from your end, then it’s likely being caused by a corrupt file that is in the installation directory. To fix this, you will be required to make your way to the Settings tab of Modern Warfare 2 on the Steam or client. Select the “Scan and fix files” option to start the process that will search for corrupted files on your system and automatically replace them with new ones.

4) Wait for a patch

The best solution is a permanent one, and waiting for Activision to come up with a hotfix that will deal with the error that you are facing is indeed the most optimal way of dealing with it. Since many in the community have been facing the same error with the showcase in Modern Warfare 2, it’s highly likely that the developers are aware of the issue and working on a patch to fix it.

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