Modern Warfare 2 “Store not working” error: How to fix, possible reasons, and more

Fixing the “Store not working” error in Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Modern Warfare 2)
Fixing the “Store not working” error in Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Modern Warfare 2)

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer now live after the official release of the latest franchise entry, fans are loving some of the gameplay features and loadout mechanics that the shooter brings with it.

However, some in the community are finding it a bit challenging to enjoy the game due to the myriad of performance issues in the title. From bugs to system errors and crashes, the shooter has been causing problems for many, with one such issue making it absolutely impossible to access the store.

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The “Store not working” error in Modern Warfare 2 is one of the more annoying issues to deal with, since there are no permanent solutions to the problem just yet. The bug has to do with a problem on Activision's end, especially when the shooter is facing issues with its client and servers.

However, there are a few fixes you can look into to try to rule out the problem temporarily. Today’s guide will go over how you will be able to work around the “Store not Working” error in Modern Warfare 2.

Fixing the “Store not working” error in Modern Warfare 2


There are a few things that you can do to temporarily solve the store not working error in Modern Warfare 2.

1) Check file integrity

If the issue is on your end, then it’s quite likely that the error is arising due to some corrupted files on your system. The best way to deal with corrupt Modern Warfare 2 files will be to run a scan for file integrity.

Both and the Steam client have options in the Settings tab of individual games to run a scan for file integrity. Upon doing so, a process will be initiated that will automatically scan and fix the broken files in the installation directory.

2) Restart your game

Many in the community have mentioned that restarting the game seems to have fixed the “Store not working” issue. Although this is a temporary fix, it will allow you to access the store and purchase some of the additional features and content that Activision has made available in the shooter.


3) Check the Modern Warfare 2 servers

The “Store not working” issue is likely caused by problems with the game’s servers themselves. Hence, you may need to check the servers shooter’s servers to see if they are running optimally. It’s quite likely that the servers may be down for maintenance. If that is the case, you will be required to wait until Activision brings them back online.

4) Wait for a patch or hotfix

One of the best ways to deal with the “Store not working” error in Modern Warfare 2 is to wait for the developers to deploy a patch or a hotfix to deal with it. This will root out the issue from the core and possibly fix it. It will even deal with the version mismatch, which can also be one of the factors that causes a store error.

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