Modern Warfare 2 guide: Best build for Signal 50

Modern Warfare 2 Signal 50 best build (Image via Sportskeeda)
Modern Warfare 2 Signal 50 best build (image via Sportskeeda)

Massive hype surrounds the latest release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, which is expected to mark the beginning of a new era for the entire series and its upcoming titles.

Activision has strong intentions to create a game that not only packs stunning graphics but also includes details of the real world to drive the sense of immersion even further. The latest title also brings forward the use of realistic combat and movement mechanics, which were formerly not featured in past titles.

Modern Warfare 2 is an attempt at reshaping the very future of the Call of Duty game in a methodical way that introduces more details that resemble the world rather than just another gaming environment.

Players will always try to take up the tried and tested loadout that has worked for other players and blend in to secure victories in-game. While there is no inherent fault in this method, it overshadows the weapons that can do better in different scenarios with the right choice of attachments.

Fans can continue to read below and equip the best build for Signal 50 in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Signal 50 is a powerful sniper rifle


Signal 50 is one of the most unique and powerful sniper rifles primarily because it has its own unique weapon platform. It does not belong to a separate family and exists separately with dedicated attachments. The recoil kick on such a large gun is bound to be heavy by default, but with the correct choice of attachments, it can become a lobby wipe weapon.

Recommended build

  • Laser: Corio Laz-44 V3
  • Optic: Cronen Zero-P Optic
  • Stock: SO Inline Stock
  • Rear Grip: SA Finesse Grip

The Corio Laz-44 V3 is a top-tier attachment despite being such a tiny addition as it increases ADS speed and weapon handling. The Cronen Zero-P optic offers 5 times magnification but also increases ADS speed on the Signal 50 while producing a small glint.

The SO Inline Stock also increases ADS speed and sprint speed, making the player surprisingly agile with a large chunky weapon. The SA Finesse Grip adds up to even more ADS speed and increases sprint-to-fire speed as well.

After equipping these four attachments, players will have the option to add another attachment to completely kit the Signal 50. However, it is important to note that this build is centered around fast ADS speed and agility instead of maximizing accuracy and damage range.

Weapon classes


There are a total of 10 weapon classes in Modern Warfare 2, and these subcategories organize the entire arsenal under each of their respective wings. While not many options are available for players, there are a few weapons that can prove to be devastating in multiplayer lobbies with the correct build.

Here is a list of all the weapon classes in Modern Warfare 2:

  • Assault Rifles
  • Battle Rifles
  • Sub-Machine Guns
  • Shotguns
  • Light Machine Guns
  • Markman Rifles
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Pistols
  • Launchers
  • Melee

The Sniper Rifle weapon class is the primary choice of weapons when it comes to dealing with enemies from a safe distance. However, Modern Warfare 2’s weapon configuration system is a tool that allows fans to move around the map with a sniper in hand while quick-scoping the entire opponent team.


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