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Cr1TiKaL exposes MaximilianMus after the latter accuses him of slander and lying in YouTube return

Cr1TiKaL recently responded to the return of Maximilianmus
Cr1TiKaL recently responded to the return of Maximilianmus
Modified 24 Mar 2021

After a one-month sabbatical, notorious YouTuber MaximilianMus returned to YouTube amid an overwhelmingly negative reception.

The 22-year-old Swedish YouTuber has been under fire since notable content creator Charles "Cr1TiKaL" White Jr. called him the "worst YouTuber" in an eye-opening expose video published February.

From doxxing and mobilizing fans to raid and harass other streamers with death threats, the allegations against MaximilianMus led to severe online backlash.

In the aftermath of the Cr1TiKaL video, MaximilianMus decided to delete his YouTube channel, much to the community's relief.

However, their joy was relatively short-lived as he recently returned to YouTube. His return was pointed out by Jacob "Weest" West, a streamer who was one of the first people to expose MaximilianMus for harassment in 2019.

He marked his return with a video in which he accused Cr1TiKaL of lying and slander as he dismissed allegations against him as false and misleading.


His video soon prompted a response from Cr1TiKaL. He tore into the accusations by providing incriminating evidence about the deeply problematic pattern of abhorrent behavior exhibited by MaximilianMus and his community.

Twitter slams the return of MaximilianMus to YouTube

In his latest video titled "The Worst YouTuber is back," Cr1TiKaL did not mince words in calling out MaximilianMus over his recent YouTube video.

From slamming his attempts to discredit earlier statements to providing damning evidence regarding his controversial behavior, Cr1TiKaL's video ended up exposing several flaws in MaximilianMus's recent defensive stance.

Speaking about the several misdemeanors of MaxmilianMus, which revolved around bullying and harassing other streamers, Cr1TiKaL said that,

"I received no less than 50 to a 100 emails from victims of Max and his community in the Discord. They were often goaded into sexually explicit conversations and often baited for n*des . There's very clearly a problem with the way Max and his community would treat women ."

He also shared his thoughts on the disturbing incident where MaximilianMus reportedly threatened a mentally ill person into eating his own feces.


In his comeback video, MaximilianMus denied threatening the man and claimed to have only encouraged the act.

This statement was called out by Cr1TiKaL, who revealed that MaximilianMus manipulated the person and used mental illness against him. Evidence is in the screenshot below:

Image via Penguinz0/ YouTube
Image via Penguinz0/ YouTube

He then addressed illegal pornographic videos featuring minors being circulated in MaximilianMus' Discord, which the YouTuber himself recently admitted.

But his shocking line of defense was that Cr1TiKaL had no "evidence" of him encouraging such content sharing.

Image via Penguinz0/ YouTube
Image via Penguinz0/ YouTube

In response to this, Cr1TiKaL explained:

"He scrubbed the internet of all the old recordings of him talking about it. How dumb do you have to be to demand to see the child p*rn, it's a crime. Max still continues to joke about being a pedophile , he used to write off the sharing of child p*rn as a joke in his community "

He even ridiculed MaximilianMus' message at the end of his recent YouTube video, where the embattled YouTuber claimed to be a different person now compared to 2018-2019.

"This sh*t was a month ago, you still kept doing it. You never changed Max, you never tried to change , you are just a born f*cking loser. You have no ability to not be a scumbag. You were having your community raid streamers, spamming e homophobic and racist sh*t a month ago. You have not improved. I don't know why you're trying to defend these awful things you've done, they're indefensible"

In light of CriT1KaL's response video, several Twitter users slammed the return of MaximilianMus:


MaximilianMus' return has once again brought YouTube's moderation policy under intense scrutiny as the online community continues to demand his removal from the platform.

Published 24 Mar 2021, 17:00 IST
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