Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - All sub-camp locations

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has introduced two entirely new regions to the game, the Citadel and Jungle (Image via Capcom)
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has introduced two entirely new regions to the game, the Citadel and Jungle (Image via Capcom)

Monster Hunter Rise is a massive game with a huge and sprawling world where players can hunt a wide variety of unique and interesting monsters. The game's scope has expanded even further with the introduction of the newly released Sunbreak expansion.

Monster Hunter Rise's game features a bunch of diverse locales: Lava Caverns, Sandy Plains, Frost Islands, Flooded Forest, and Shrine Ruins. Capcom has added two entirely new locales with Sunbreak - Citadel, and Jungle.

Just like in the base game, these maps are filled with hidden locations and secrets for players to find while exploring.

One of the most important locations in Monster Hunter Rise's many diverse maps are the sub-camps. These campsites provide many of the functionalities of a base camp, right on the hunting grounds, and also act as fast travel points between the various locales.

This article will present all sub-camp locations in the Sunbreak expansion for players to unlock these important locations early.

Exploring sub-camps in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

How to unlock a sub-camp location

Sub-camps are usually found in secluded regions of the map that are off the beaten path, requiring players to be thorough with their exploration to find and unlock them for use.

Players must keep an eye on the screen for prompts. When they successfully discover a campsite, it will show up on the map as well as a prompt alert on the right side of the screen, followed by a brief dialog from Master Utsushi about the necessary merchant quest required to set up the camp.

From there, players will need to travel back to Kamura Village or the new main hub in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Elgado Outpost, to access the merchant quest. Players need to look for a request that rewards them with the sub-camp they have discovered. Completing the quest will unlock the sub-camp's functionalities for players.

The Citadel sub-camp location and quest

The sub-camp in the Citadel region of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak can be accessed from Zone 5 of the region. While it might look like players can easily get to the sub-camp from Zone 4, the sub-camp is actually accessed via Zone 5.

Players need to head northeast from the high plateau in Zone 5, where they can get to the sub-camp location through a cave in the area.

Players will need to complete the Citadel Sub-Camp Security quest, which requires them to slay 8 Boggi in the Citadel to access the full functionalities of the sub-camp in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

The Jungle sub-camp location and quest

The sub-camp in the Jungle region on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak can be accessed via a hole in a cliff near the beach in Zone 3. Players can follow the trail of Golden Spiribugs to locate the hole in the cliff, and upon reaching it, they will only need to walk a bit further to get to the sub-camp location.

They will need to complete the Jungle Sub-Camp Security quest, which requires them to slay 8 Hermitaurs in the Jungle region to unlock the full functionality of the sub-camp. The best way to do this request is to wait on completing the A Sinking Feeling M1 key quest until after they have found the sub-camp's location.

This allows them to essentially complete both, the sub-camp request as well as the key quest at the same time. Doing so also marks the location of the Hermitaurs on the map, making it much easier to get to the small monsters and slay them to unlock the sub-camp in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

More about sub-camps in Monster Hunter games

Sub-camps are small camps or hubs within the maps that feature most of the functionalities of a main or base camp. Players can use the sub-camps to rest, eat food to buff themselves up for hunts, charge their equipment, make changes to their loadouts, and most importantly, fast travel between locations on the map.

Here is a brief rundown of the major functions of the sub-camps in Monster Hunter Rise and the Sunbreak expansion:

Fast traveling

The most important aspect of a sub-camp is the fast travel option that allows players to get from one end of the map to the other, depending on where they want to go.

Fast travel comes very handy when going through farming routes on the map, which players will need to do a lot if they want to get their hands on some of the best gear in the game, as well as hunting monsters in record time.

Restocking consumables and changing equipments

In sub-camps, players can access their item box, which will allow them to restock essential consumables and items. It also allows them to make changes to their loadout - depending on the monster they are trying to hunt.

Eating food and buffing up for hunts

If players forget to eat before leaving for hunts, they can do so in the sub-camps. Eating gives players some essential passive bonuses that enhance attack, defense and other attributes that help during hunts.

Although players won't be able to access the 'daily specials' which are exclusive only to the main hubs, they can choose between other dishes that can provide similar effects.

Checking the Buddy Board

Players can also access the Buddy Board at a sub-camp. This will allow them to trade their Palamute and Palico after they finish going through their Spiribird route, or change their animal companions before embarking on hunts.

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