"Most overpriced card": FIFA 22 Ultimate Team fans are surprised at the price of Fantasy FUT Allan Saint-Maximin

Fantasy FUT Allan Saint-Maximin is selling for more than four million (Image via FUTArcade)
Fantasy FUT Allan Saint-Maximin is selling for more than four million (Image via FUTArcade)
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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team's Fantasy FUT promo has introduced several special footballer items for fans. The Team 1 cards were revealed on March 18, and it consists of a particular card of Allan Saint-Maximin.

The 92-rated ST card has some phenomenal stats, which makes it lethal. Additionally, there is scope for the overall stats to go up further.

With 3.6kk coins you can buy Mbappe 95 Headliners. So...Is he the most overpriced card in fut ?馃憞馃

However, the card's price has become a topic of debate among fans. It's currently averaging around 4,200,000 FUT coins for both PlayStation and Xbox. The average price is lower on PC at 3.8 million but is still expensive.

The card's price is higher than the unique cards of footballers like Kylian Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi. This started a discussion among FIFA 22 Ultimate Team fans over the card's price.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team fans discuss the exorbitant price of Fantasy FUT Allan Saint-Maximin card

Saint-Maximin's cards are popular in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The skillsets on the cards are helpful in the game's meta. However, every card has a price, and a great card could become a problem if its price is exorbitant.

One gamer stated that the card has the potential to receive up to a +3 overall upgrade. According to them, such an upgrade will make the card the equivalent of an end-game Team of the Year card. Incidentally, only one TOTY card at the moment costs more than Saint-Maximin's Fantasy FUT card.

@FutArcade This card can end up with 99 pac 99 dri 94 shooting it鈥檚 a toty level card

Another player believes that it's better to invest in the 94 rated POTM card of Kylian Mbappe at a similar cost.

@FutArcade Mbappe 94 is better then this guy will ever get. People don't understand AI, animations and body type is actually more important then stats..

A hilarious reply from one person who referred to Saint-Maximin's iconic headband as a cause of the inflated price.

@FutArcade That LV headband is worth 80% of his price !!

A Newcastle United fan stated that Saint-Maximin might not fill the conditions which will allow his card to get the upgrades. If the card receives a +3 upgrade, the price could be justified.

@FutArcade As a Newcastle fan he hasn't been starting games recently, no injury but he can be selfish in games, something out manager doesn't seem to like. He's a class player and I love him but I'll be very very surprised if he reaches his full upgrade. Big risk at this price imo.

One player stated that while many fans claim the usefulness of Saint-Maximin, not everyone will use the card.

@FutArcade Probably won鈥檛 drop much because he can upgrade. Some say he鈥檚 the best dribbler in the game but 90% of the community will never use this card unless it鈥檚 a draft. Definitely the most overpriced card in FUT.

Players are already stating that alternative investments are cheaper and better than the Fantasy FUT Saint-Maximin card.

@FutArcade On xbox toty mbappe ist cheaper and for 3 mill you get prime gullit. This card falls hard in some days

More comments were made about his headband.

@FutArcade Mbappe ain鈥檛 got no Gucci headband

Some even missed a part of the price and thought that the card was priced at 3,600 FUT coins.

One player even stated that the price could be pure hype based on Saint-Maximin's reputation in the game.

@FutArcade He is expensive cause people have been asking for a special card for him for a while so too much hype but yeah 4 mill is nuts

In all likelihood, the card price will come down in the coming days. There are very few available copies in the market which has been the cause of this exorbitant price. It could also mean that players believe that the card is genuinely worth it and not selling.

It will be interesting to see how many upgrades Fantasy FUT Saint-Maximin receives in April. A complete +3 upgrade will make it a fantastic 95-rated card that can carry a player till the end of the game. There are statistically better cards available at cheaper prices in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team for the time being.

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