Most picked teams in Honkai Star Rail 2.2 MoC

Boothill, Robin, and Ruan Mei (Image via HoYoverse)
Boothill, Robin, and Ruan Mei (Image via HoYoverse)

The Honkai Star Rail 2.2 update is nearing its end, and the X user @hxg_diluc has disclosed some information regarding Memory of Chaos. In the post, the user suggested what are the most popular teams to clear the aforementioned activity. Since the update’s release, the meta of this turn-based gacha title hasn’t changed much as the most powerful characters are still dominating.

For those curious, this article details the ten most popular Honkai Star Rail 2.2 Memory of Chaos teams that Trailblazers are using to complete this end-game activity.

What are the most popular Honkai Star Rail 2.2 Memory of Chaos teams?

As displayed in the X post by the user @hxg_diluc, the top ten most picked Honkai Star Rail 2.2 Memory of Chaos teams are:

  • Kafka, Huohuo, Ruan Mei, and Black Swan – 33.7%
  • Topaz & Numby, Aventurine, Dr. Ratio, and Robin – 24.8%
  • Boothill, Trailblazer (Harmony), Ruan Mei, and Gallagher – 24.2%
  • Silver Wolf, Fu Xuan, Acheron, and Pela – 21.8%
  • Himeko, Ruan Mei, Trailblazer (Harmony), and Gallagher – 19.6%
  • Acheron, Aventurine, Silver Wolf, and Pela – 19.4%
  • Aventurine, Sparkle, Acheron, and Pela – 17.4%
  • Kafka. Luocha, Ruan Mei, and Black Swan – 16.4%
  • Fu Xuan, Sparkle, Acheron, and Pela – 16.3%
  • Luocha, Ruan Mei, Boothill, and Trailblazer (Harmony) – 15.6%

As usual, the Kafka, Black Swan, Ruan Mei, and Huohuo DoT (Damage over Time) team is still reigning supreme with a whopping 33.7% pick rate. Apart from the DoT team compositions, the FUA (Follow-Up Attack) teams are also becoming increasingly popular.

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Since the release of Honkai Star Rail 2.2, players have been utilizing the Super Break damage of the Harmony Trailblazer to deal exceptional damage. Pairing the former with characters such as Boothill, and Gallagher, allows the team to deal colossal damage to their enemies whenever a character inflicts the Weakness Break status effect.

Apart from the usual DoT and FUA teams, the Hypercarry team compositions are also on par with the others. The Acheron hypercarry teams with three Nihility characters are an excellent choice for those not possessing a good Path of Harmony character. Since Acheron can vaporize her adversaries with her abilities, she is one of the most popular characters in Honkai Star Rail.

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