5 most-watched fitness streamers on Twitch

Most watched fitness Twitch Streamers in 2023 (Image - Sportskeeda)
Most watched fitness Twitch Streamers in 2023 (Image - Sportskeeda)

Fitness Twitch streamers have emerged as influential figures within the online fitness community by broadcasting live workout sessions, providing wellness tips, and engaging with their audience in real-time. By leveraging their expertise and passion for fitness, they inspire and motivate viewers to adopt healthier lifestyles and achieve their fitness goals.


The appeal of fitness Twitch content creators lies in their ability to devise an inclusive and interactive fitness experience accessible to anyone with an internet connection. They bridge the gap between professional fitness trainers and individuals seeking guidance and support, providing a virtual space for exercise, education, and motivation.

Top 5 most-watched fitness streamers on Twitch in 2023

5) sweaty_beefcake

Anthony Cannizzaro, better known by his online moniker sweaty_beefcake, is a strength and physique-orientated fitness streamer from Los Angeles, California. The 29-year-old started streaming very recently on December 28, 2022, and has been gradually growing on Amazon's coveted platform. The content mostly revolves around covering his workout routines while attempting to go past his current personal records.

Cannizzaro is the fifth most-watched fitness streamer, with a total of 3,486 hours watched in the past 30 days, as stated by TwitchMetrics. He is a natural bodybuilder who focuses on building his strength, and his fitness endeavors have helped him earn over 500 followers on Instagram and 1.1K followers on Twitch.

4) jaydigains

The second entry on this list is the first of many personal trainers, Jayd "jaydigains." A professional fat loss coach and PT, the streamer has been making waves as a fitness content creator since her debut in August 2020. The Raleigh native offers a plethora of services like meal plans, workout plans, as well as coaching, which also occurs heavily during her livestreams on Twitch.

Jayd is the second most-watched female fitness content creator on Twitch, with a total of 3,542 hours watched over the past 30 days. She has quite a sizeable following, with over 2.3K followers on Instagram and 5K followers on Twitch.

3) PTJorgeSantos

The only non-English-speaking streamer on this list, Jorge Santos is yet another certified personal trainer. The Brazilian is a specialist when it comes to any form of physical exercise as proven by his content. Jorge's PTJorgeSantos Twitch handle features in-depth exercises for core muscle groups, be it chest, back, arms, or legs, which attracts a lot of viewers aspiring to kickstart their own fitness journeys.

The Zumub-sponsored weightlifter has amassed quite a following on social media, with over 4.3K followers on Instagram and 8.1K followers on Twitch. He is currently ranked as the most-watched Portuguese-speaking fitness streamer, with over 3,942 hours watched over the past 30 days.


The penultimate entry is a self-described MMA fighter, niche internet micro-celebrity, fitness, and gaming enthusiast known just by his online moniker, theHOLDERHEK. The self-professed "gigachad" creates a variety of content on his Twitch and YouTube handles which features everything from Lets Plays (of MMOs and RPGs) and workouts to Just Chatting streams.

theHOLDERHEK's entertaining personality has allowed him to amass a massive following across all social media platforms, with over 4.6K followers, 1.7K followers, and 7.44K subscribers on Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube, respectively. He is the second most-watched fitness streamer, with a total of over 7,201 hours watched.

1) jo_workouts

A personal trainer and registered nurse, Joana "jo_workouts" has been one of the leading fitness streamers in the past couple of years. Thanks to her certifications as a PT and a nutrition coach, many viewers look forward to Joana's daily streams, where she dissects her daily workout routine while answering questions about fitness, nutrition, workout regimes, and more.

The Albanian-American is the most-watched fitness content creator on Twitch, as reported by TwitchMetrics, with 12,452 hours watched in the past 30 days. The Twitch partner currently boasts over 17,625 followers, which is quite impressive as she only started streaming in 2021.

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