MrBeast pits 100 boys and girls against each other for enormous cash prize in latest YouTube video

Jimmy pits 100 boys and girls against each other in the latest video (Image via MrBeast/YouTube)
Jimmy pits 100 boys and girls against each other in the latest video (Image via MrBeast/YouTube)

MrBeast is back with another YouTube video, and as usual, it's full of chaotic entertainment and considerable prize money. The YouTuber's most recent video is essentially a challenge between 100 boys and girls competing against each other for a mouthwatering cash prize of $500,000.

The challenge starts with assembling 100 boys in one gigantic circle (color-coded blue), with the corresponding number of girls being present in another one (color-coded pink). Whichever circle has more people after 100 hours will bag a whopping amount of prize money. However, the challenge is not as simple as it might look. There are certain rules to follow.

MrBeast's latest 100 boys vs girls YouTube challenge video goes viral


Known for his wacky challenges and incredible philanthropic work, Jimmy "MrBeast" is one of the biggest names in the YouTube industry. Boasting an impressive subscriber count of almost 100 million on his primary channel alone, the YouTuber is known for spending fortunes on his challenge videos.

On July 24, 2022 the popular personality posted a YouTube video on his main channel featuring 200 participants, 100 boys and 100 girls, competing against each other for $500,000. With some small challenges sprinkled between the tasks, the girls' team thrived and made some smart decisions.

To make sure that no one steps out of the red line, he installed over 65 different cameras covering every square inch of those two rooms. Coupled with that, a dedicated team of people were monitoring their every move.

Within 20 minutes, five boys dropped off and headed home, giving the girls a head start. Surprisingly, however, the game drastically changed after 24 hours, giving the boys the upper hand. From oatmeal treats to a luxurious car for a lucky participant, the video is full of pleasant surprises and hilarious moments.

Despite the overwhelming amount of entertainment and fun, the main highlight of the challenge was the small tasks added to spice up the game.

With 35 girls and 33 boys left after 100 hours, the former contingent persevered and won the ultimate challenge.

Social media reacts to MrBeast's latest YouTube video

As expected, the challenge evoked a wave of responses from viewers. As soon as the video was made public, it instantly went viral, racking up over 23 million views and thousands of comments within a few hours. Fans took to the YouTube comment section in droves to appreciate the unique challenge.

Sharing a wide spectrum of responses, here's what they had to say:

Fans reaction (Image via MrBeast/YouTube)
Fans reaction (Image via MrBeast/YouTube)
Fans reaction (Image via MrBeast/YouTube)
Fans reaction (Image via MrBeast/YouTube)

MrBeast is close to reaching the nine-digit milestone on his main channel. Besides his primary channel, the YouTube phenomenon also has a couple of additional ones dedicated to Gaming, short clips and even philanthropic work.


With 99.6 million subscribers on his primary account, he will inevitably become the second non-brand channel to hit that insane mark.

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