"That's not right at all": MrBeast accused of stealing TikToker's concept, leaving netizens upset

MrBeast accused of stealing cake concept from a TikTok creator (Image via @sugargeekshow and @mrbeast/Instagram)
MrBeast accused of stealing cake concept from a TikTok creator (Image via @sugargeekshow and @mrbeast/Instagram)

While MrBeast is not a YouTuber who usually lands in controversies, he was recently accused of stealing a TikTok creator's concept. TikToker Liz Marek posted a video claiming that a creator had asked her to make a realistic toilet cake but didn't hire her for the job.

On the same day, MrBeast posted his YouTube video called:

I Built Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!

The YouTube video had a challenge that included a realistic toilet cake, making viewers consider that he was the person being referred to on TikTok. Fans wanted Marek to expose the creator's name, with one comment reading:

"Please expose them. That's not right at all"

However, she didn't name anyone in her video or the video's comment.

MrBeast's video had a realistic toilet cake similar to Liz Marek

Liz Marek has a successful TikTok account, @sugargeekshow, with over 2.4 million followers. Her content revolves around baking and decorating realistic cakes.

On June 5, she posted a video with the caption:

Do you want to see how I made this realistic toilet cake?

In the video, she showcased her cake, while a voiceover shared her recent experience. She said:

"This is not a toilet, it's actually a cake. That I was asked to make, to prove that I could make a super realistic toilet and in return, I was going to get hired to make this cake for a very big video and get paid a lot of money."

She continued:

"I was not hired, and this video was shown to another decorator on how to make a toilet cake, And long story short, I'm never making a toilet cake again, and you should always have a contract before you make something."

Coincidentally, her TikTok was perfectly timed with MrBeast's (Jimmy Donaldson) latest video that featured a realistic toilet cake challenge.

The challenge was inspired by the Netflix show, Is It Cake? where bakers create hyper-realistic cakes to fool judges. The contestants in the YouTube video had to recognize the toilet cake among the real ones.

Marek didn't take any names in her video, but that didn't stop viewers from assuming that Donaldson was the creator mentioned in Marek's TikTok.

User Keeley Tanya commented:

"ou man, was it mrbeast? Say it ain't so. I like, just watched it and he had a toilet cake..."

Another user, April Malinofsky, shared a similar sentiment in their comment that said:

"We all know this is about mr beast lol"

While Stephanie commented:

"Mr. beast ? Just saw his video. So upsetting if it has to do with him"

Numerous other users tagged MrBeast in the TikTok video asking for a reply.

Marek decided to add further comments to her TikTok after going viral on the app. Her comment read:

"This video is purely as a warning to other creators to get a contract before doing work. It’s not here to go hate on anyone or try and sue. I don’t want or have anything to gain from posting this video."

Her video has already received over 5 million views and 860k likes at the time of writing this article.

MrBeast recreated Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory


TIn his latest video, the YouTuber decided to recreate Willy Wonka's Chocolate FFactory's Chocolate Factory The factory had many intricate details from the movie, including marshmallow floors, a colossal candy wall, a chocolate river, and a waterfall.

He invited ten participants to his factory, where they competed in various challenges. The challengers were eliminated one by one, leaving just a single winner.

In the final challenge, the top four contestants had to create a Willy Wonka-themed dish, judged by Gordon Ramsay.

The video went viral on the platform after its release and currently has over 32 million views.

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