Myth announces move away from Fortnite

(Image Credit: Fortnite Intel)
(Image Credit: Fortnite Intel)

Many professional and highly watched Fortnite players have been moving away from the game more and more lately. Myth, who was part of the first wave of truly good Fortnite players and responsible for the shift from ground based fighting to buildfights, has already been seen playing other games online, such as Among Us. Now, it seems his viewers can expect more variety from his content.

Myth’s rise on Fortnite

Back when Fortnite was still new and unique among battle royale games, Myth was one of the first people to show just how much depth wasn’t being explored. Back in 2018, most fights in Fortnite were still fought close to the ground. Buildings never got more complicated than towers, and players were afraid of building towers too high in case the bottom was shot down.

Most people didn’t walk around with more than a few hundred resources in their pool, and long range engagements were much more common.

At this time, I and many others found Myth’s streams and were astounded to see a young player who was able to win almost every game he played. We watched as Myth employed techniques and strategies we never knew existed, and were surprised and how good his control over the building mechanics was.

Fortnite as it stands now

Myth might not have been the literal first person to buildfight in Fortnite, but he was certainly a part of that first wave of skilled players. Now, two years later, the techniques he showcased have become the standard, or even subpar compared to what is expected from even an intermediate player.

Unfortunately, Fortnite has gone through more changes than just a shift in viable techniques. Fortnite eventually settled into a seasonal system, with changes and new content release in expected, regular intervals.

Now, three years after its initial release, Fortnite doesn’t have the commanding lead it once had. There are plenty of other games that have been pushing in on its niche, with Call of Duty giving the Battle Royale genre a harder edge and faster pace, or Fall Guys capitalizing on the massive scale of games with a softer theme.

Even games like Among Us have exploded recently, capturing the attention and enjoyment of many streamers and players alike.

No matter where Myth ends up, he will almost certainly maintain the same sense of humor and entertainment, coupled with a dedication that led to his success on Fortnite.

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