A brand new Marvel game is ready for a major showcase in the upcoming Summer Game Fest

Midnight Suns could showcase its development in the Summer Game Fest (Image via Firaxis)
Midnight Suns could showcase its development in the Summer Game Fest (Image via Firaxis)

Marvel has had a long history of video games, with many successful titles over the years. While there have been a slew of successful releases, there have been some, like the Avengers game, which failed to deliver on its pre-release hype.

With that being said, Midnight Suns received a mixed response from the limited gameplay shown originally. However, the upcoming Summer Game Fest might be the first stage where Firaxis will showcase the changes they have made.

Marvel's Midnight Suns will be different as compared to the usual games made under the iconic comics' banner, as it has a blend of both card and tactical roleplay.

Firaxis will showcase the changes made to Marvel's Midnight Suns in June's Summer Game Fest

As of the time of writing, there has been no confirmation on whether Marvel's Midnight Suns will be present at the Summer Game Fest. However, hints have been provided by reliable industry insider Tom Henderson.

Based on rumors, Midnight Suns was supposed to be released in the first part of 2022, but it has been pushed back, as Firaxis has decided to change the game after the initial player reception.

I would be SO excited for Midnight Sons if it was anything but a card game

Creative Director Jake Solomon had claimed that the extra time would be used to refine the game. This would mean adding a lot more content and emphasis on the quality that fans have come to expect from anything associated with Marvel.

It is highly likely that the game will now be released around October 2022, but fans will not have to wait for that long to check the gameplay. The Summer Game Fest has already partnered with over 30 publishers to showcase the different games set to arrive in the near future.

The JRPGs are coming!Thursday, an exclusive new look at ONE PIECE ODYSSEY during #SummerGameFest

Marvel's Midnight Suns is also about to be one of the aforementioned games, and fans will be interested to see what kind of improvements have been made. The game will feature iconic characters, including Wolverine, Doctor Strange, and Iron Man.

Given Firaxis' expertise with XCOM, Midnight Suns will likely feature similar elements, which could be set for an interesting ploy. Unfortunately, while one can anticipate the gameplay to an extent, nobody has much information about the plot of the game.


Midnight Suns will be released on all major platforms, and Firaxis will likely showcase more details as the release date appears. Meanwhile, fans will hope to see some of the gameplay in the upcoming event, which is to be hosted by Geoff Keighley.

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