All Epic Games Store Holiday 2023 free games and how to claim them

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The Epic Games Store is hosting another Holiday giveaway this year (Image via Epic Games)

The holiday is a season of gifts, and the Epic Games Store free games are live for this festive season. Although the occasional giveaway of video games on the storefront oversees a 7-day cycle before the next title is offered for free, the EGS is giving away a game each day for the Winter Season 2023. A wide range of products will be available, from AAA to indie, and players can anticipate an immersive holiday season full of gaming.

It may become difficult to keep track of all the titles that will be given out each day during the Epic Games Store free games giveaway. This article will provide the list as they are unveiled each day, and help you keep up with the amazing titles offered.

Note: This article is a work in progress and will be updated as more games are unveiled each day.

Epic Games Store free games list for 2023

The following list includes all the Epic Games Store free games that have been given away so far. Do note that we will be updating the list with new titles as they are revealed throughout the holiday season.

1) Destiny 2: The Legacy Collection (December 13 - December 20)

Destiny 2: The Legacy Collection combines three of the game's major expansions - The Witch Queen, Beyond Light, and Shadowkeep. This deal has expired now, but it was available for a week. Those who were able to claim this bundle also need to have the base Destiny 2 in their library, which is already free.

2) DNF Duel (December 20 - December 21)

This fighting game is set in the world of the popular role-playing game series, Dungeon Fighters, which is distributed by the Korean publishing giant Nexon. There are 16 playable characters in the original game, and three more can be unlocked as DLC champions.

3) Melvor Idle (December 21 - December 22)

Melvor Idle is a browser-based RPG inspired by the popular MMO Runescape. This indie title allows players to progress through its world either by owning an in-game business, by being an adventure, or both.

4) Art of Rally (December 22 - December 23)

Art of Rally is an indie racing title featuring many rally racing cars players can choose from and race against AI opponents.

5) Fallout 3 GOTY Edition (December 23- December 24)

Epic Games Store has brought Fallout 3 (GOTY Edition), one of the best RPGs made by Bethesda, as the latest mystery game. You will explore a post-apocalyptic America, fighting mutants, bandits, and more dangers roaming the landscape. This offer is valid for the next 24 hours.

6) Ghostwire Tokyo (December 24 - December 25)

Ghostwire Tokyo is a FPS title developed by Tango Gameworks. You will play as a Japanese teenager, Akito Izuki, as you try to save your sister from a mysterious masked man. The game features many popular Japanese mythological Youkai spirits as well as an open world consisting of several districts of Tokyo.

7) The Outer Worlds: Spacers World edition (December 25 - December 26)

The Outer Worlds is Epic's Christmas gift to the gaming community for the 2023 Holidays. Obsidian's Space RPG takes you to the 24th century as a space explorer. You navigate the galaxy with your crew, taking up different jobs.

8) Human Resource Machine (December 26 - December 27)

Human Resource Machine is an indie puzzle game where you must complete each task your manager gives. You need to use the employees under you to solve the various challenges. Once you successfully solve the puzzle, you will be offered a promotion in your office.

9) Cursed to Golf (Dec 27 - Dec 28)

Cursed to Golf is a challenging indie golf game in which players must escape Golf Purgatory to become a Golfing Legend. Because the number of shots you receive is limited, you must make each ball count in order to solve the game's different puzzles.

10) Cat Quest (Dec 28 - Dec 29)

Cat Quest is a side-scrolling 2D open-world RPG where you take on the role of a cat on a quest to save its sister. The game has its own unique weapons and magic for combat. This deal is active in the Epic Games Store for the next 24 hours.

11) Snakebird Complete (December 29 - December 30)

Epic Games Store's mystery game for December 29 is Snakebird Complete. This is an indie 2D puzzle game, where you need to use your wits as a hybrid between a snake and a bird to solve different challenges.

12) Saints Row (December 30- December 31)

While many consider this the bad egg of the batch, having it in your Epic Games Store library does not hurt. The mystery game for 30th is the latest Saints Row game developed by Volition. In it, you will form the criminal organization, The Saints, alongside your colleagues and battle against other mob families to rule over the streets of Santo Ileso.

13) Ghostrunner (December 31 - January 1)

Epic Games Store's gift for the new year 2024 is Ghostrunner. Get ready to dive into the dystopian Cyberpunk future as you platform your way across the various floors of the Dharma Tower, dodging incoming projectiles and slicing your enemies with your trusty blade. This game can be quite challenging yet satisfying and fun as you dash through each level of the game and learn more about the mysterious plot of this post-apocalyptic setting.

14) Escape Academy ( January 1 - January 2)

Escape Academy is an indie puzzle game where you will train in an institute to become the ultimate escapist. You will need to solve puzzles, interact with the various NPCs, and explore different levels to complete the various challenges of the game.

15) 20 Minutes till Dawm (January 2 - January 3)

Epic Games Store's free offering for today is a roguelike title called 20 Minutes Till Dawn. You can select among a few playable characters and use various weapons and tactics in order to overcome the forces of evil out there to claim your life in the dark.

16) A Plague's Tale: Innocence (January 3 - January 4)

A Plague's Tale is one of the most unique and beautiful narrative-driven you can find out there. The story revolves around two siblings, the older sister Amicia, whom you will be controlling for the majority of the game, and her brother Hugo. You will visit the medieval French countryside as you try to escape from both soldiers and rats and stay alive alongside your younger sibling.

17) Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (January 4 - January 5)

Epic Games has decided to end the giveaway with a bang! Guardians of the Galaxy is the final game of the Epic Games Store mystery game giveaway. Traveling throughout space with a walking tree, a talking raccoon, and a bevy of other strange characters may seem like a dream unless you are Peter Quill. Eidos-Montreal's 2021 action game will take you through iconic locations from the comics as well as some new ones as you shoot your way across the galaxy with your trusted crew.

How to claim free games on Epic Games Store?

Claiming the free game on the Epic Games Store holiday giveaway is quite easy. Follow these steps:

  • Simply head to the title's page on either the EGS website or the application.
  • There you will notice a -100% discount notice above the GET button.
  • Click on this button and then click on the Place Order option.

There's no need to worry as you will not be charged anything or requested for any payment-related information. You will receive a notification that the game has been added to your Epic Games Library, from where you can download and install it.

Remember that there's a 24-hour timeframe to claim the Epic Games Store free games. If you do not get them within the time limit, they will revert to their original price when the next mystery game on the giveaway is revealed.

During the 2023 Christmas and New Year season, Epic Games will provide additional giveaways on its digital storefront. Every day around 8:00 a.m. PT and 11:00 a.m. ET, the next mystery game will be announced.

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