"All you give a f**k is about money!" - Stable Ronaldo slams Ninja after the Fortnite star called him "completely irrelevant"

Stable Ronaldo responds to Ninja (Images via Ninja and Stable Ronaldo/Twitter)
Stable Ronaldo responds to Ninja (Images via Ninja and Stable Ronaldo/Twitter)

Fortnite icon Tyler "Ninja" has been grabbing headlines since he made controversial remarks about fellow content creator Rani "Stable Ronaldo." Ninja recently teamed up with Timothy "TimTheTatman" and Dennis "Cloakzy" to open cases in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. At one point during the livestream, however, he began criticizing Stable Ronaldo, citing his online following. He said:

"Also Ronaldo is like literally, like, one-twentieth of our following, and is completely irrelevant. So, we should probably keep opening cases. He tried to be an IRL streamer and failed miserably."

Ninja added that Stable Ronaldo is washed up while also throwing shade at Ali "Myth." He said:

"He's trying to get into drama! Hey, Ronaldo! You're better than drama, dude! All right? Get back in the f**king competitive scene. You're washed! I said it, dude! I said what I said, bro! Ronaldo, you're like a combination of f**king Clix. Like, 'Oh, my god. I might be good at the game.' And like Myth. Like, he went to YouTube and what happened? You know what I mean? That's you right now!"

Stable Ronaldo responded to the remarks earlier today and did not hold back on his sentiments. He revealed that he was offered a Facebook Gaming deal worth $18,000 per month. He also claimed to have rejected the offer to continue livestreaming on Twitch for his community.

The 19-year-old gamer slammed Ninja by asserting that all the popular streamer cares is about money:

"I decided I wasn't making no money! I decided to stay on Twitch because I believed in myself. While you sold out. Said, f**k all your viewers. F**k your community and sold out for $50 million on a dead f**king platform! Because all you give a f**k is about money!"

"You are a little f**king p*ssy!" - Stable Ronaldo claims Ninja is "projecting" after his controversial statements go viral on Twitter

Stable Ronaldo responded to Ninja during a recent broadcast, stating that the Fortnite star's statements meant that he was also making fun of aspiring streamers:

"You are not only making fun of me, but you're making fun of people who have less than 1,000 viewers. When a thousand viewers is, like, 0.001% of Twitch! When I first started f**king streaming, I had 300 - 200 viewers. Okay?"

Stable Ronaldo then revealed that he was offered a $18,000-per-month deal by Facebook Gaming, which he declined:

"Keep in mind! I decided to stay on Twitch when I got offered $18,000 a month from Facebook Gaming - when I was 15, 16. To 200 viewers. Right?"

After claiming that Ninja "sold out" by accepting a $50 million contract from Microsoft's Mixer, Stable Ronaldo added that the Detroit native was "projecting":

"That's why you're projecting on me because you're a little b**ch! That's why! You are a little f**king p*ssy! I don't give a f**k! F**k it! My manager, Justin, told me... he told me to keep it cool. But, I can't! Because you're coming at my community now! You are coming at my community. You are coming at my manager for believing me because he manages me! He believes in my opportunity to grow! He believes in me to become a better person!"

He then recalled supporting Ninja during his H1Z1 livestreams in 2016:

"Matter of fact, you're coming at me way too hard! When you had a thousand viewers, on H1Z1 in 2016 - 2015, I was f**king 13 years old, supporting you! I was watching you! So, if you're complaining about a thousand viewers, that means you don't give a f**k about that! You don't give a f**k about anybody! All you care is about the f**king money!"

Fans react to Stable Ronaldo's response to Ninja

Prominent esports personality Jake Lucky's tweet featuring the streamer's response to Ninja's controversial statements has attracted quite a lot of attention. Here's what fans had to say about it:

Stable Ronaldo is also a Fortnite content creator who rose to prominence in August 2020. He joined Twitch in 2018 and has since amassed over two million followers on his channel.

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