Apex Legends Mobile update: Arrival date and new features revealed

The Cold Snap update will arrive in Apex Legends Mobile soon (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Cold Snap update will arrive in Apex Legends Mobile soon (Image via Sportskeeda)
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It has been nearly a month since Apex Legends Mobile arrived globally. There are ten playable characters and one battle royale map that mobile gamers can enjoy.

Much to the excitement of players, the battle royale title will receive its first major update, Cold Snap, very soon. The 1.5 update will bring winter-themed accessories to the game along with a new Legend.

Apex Legends Mobile will receive the update on this date

Update arrival date and rewards (Image via EA)
Update arrival date and rewards (Image via EA)

The 1.5 Cold Snap update will launch on 15 June 2022. Mobile gamers now have the option to update the Respawn Entertainment title, but they can enjoy the new features from 15 June onwards.

Mobile gamers who update the battle royale game within 21 June 2022 will receive 5 Apex Packs. This reward can be redeemed from the event page named Download Bonus.

Cold Snap update features

Here are two Apex Legends Mobile update features that mobile gamers can look forward to on 15 June 2022:

Battle Pass

Changes incoming! Be on the lookout for the below this week:❌leaver penalty removed in non-Ranked games🧠more servers in NA, UK, and FR, all including a small update to improve ping👍the first of many server optimizations❄️more soon!Thank you for your patience, legends ❤️

Due to the feedback received from players, the Battle Pass will see improvements. Players who have already purchased the current Pass will be able to claim the two rewards of 50 Syndicate Gold and 1 Syndicate Pack.

Quite a few skins will be introduced in the battle royale game via the Battle Pass, the details of which are given below:

  • Five-Star Performance Rare Skin (Lifeline)
  • Fuel Tank Rare Skin (Caustic)
  • Leader of the Pack Epic Skin (Bloodhound)
  • Engine Coolant Epic Skin (Pathfinder)
  • Electric Breeze Rare Skin (Fade)

Once players complete every level of the new Battle Pass, they will be rewarded with 800 Syndicate Gold.

New Legend


Loba is being added to the Apex Legends Mobile universe, and players will finally be able to use her passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities. Players who have enjoyed Apex Legends in the past are quite familiar with the Legend’s capabilities on PC/console gaming platforms.

A brief description of her abilities is given below:

Passive Ability: Eye for Quality

Using her Jump Drive bracelet, Loba can teleport her to places that are hard to reach whenever the need to escape arises.

Tactical Ability: Burglar’s Best Friend

She can view epic and legendary loots through walls by using her tactical ability.

Ultimate Ability: Black Market Boutique

A portable device can be used that will allow her to teleport nearby loot to her inventory. This ability can be shared by teammates as well as enemies (up to a maximum of two items).

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