Apple vs Fortnite trial: Apple explains how it has made multiple requests to Epic Games for an iOS skin

(Image via Epic Games)
(Image via Epic Games)

A popular Fortnite dataminer, @SexyNutella, posted a thread on Twitter allegedly related to the coming trial of Epic Games v Apple.

Many members of the Fortnite community have been keeping up with the latest information on the lawsuit that began in 2020. It started with an argument on Epic Games allowing players to buy V-Bucks directly from them on the mobile version of Fortnite, so as to avoid the 30% fee from Apple. This small in-app update would soon lead to this massive lawsuit many players know today.

Numerous details from the Epic Games v Apple case were revealed online by the dataminer. Some details disclosed reveal that Apple wanted to be more a part of their Fortnite deal than Epic Games wanted.

Epic Games' Fortnite v. Apple

Fortnite is one of the most popular games to date, it’s in nearly every store as a clothing item, a snack, or anything else. When Epic Games brought Fortnite to mobile, it was a big move, as players were now playing the hottest game in the world on the go. Apple wanted in, and they wanted to go as far in as they could. Now, some recent tweets by @SexyNutellaFNBR and @ShiinaBR shed some light on the ongoing case for players.

The first few tweets go over how Fortnite was bringing in more players than it ever did. By this time, players were ready to start enjoying Chapter 2, presumably. By this point, Apple’s Business Development Manager, Mike Schmid, requested a few times to get some type of promotional assets before Fortnite’s Chapter 2 launch.

Epic Games was very secretive about Chapter 2, which is why they were hesitant to give Apple any information or exclusives. Of course, they gave Apple some info and it was leaked almost immediately.

Aside from asking for these promotional assets and skins, Apple went on to ask for several more possible inclusions for their app store and gift cards. When Fortnite had a live event, Apple wanted their sponsorship there so that players would buy their gift cards.

Apple even wanted Epic Games to allow them to prompt Apple Music during the DJ Marshmello concert event. When Epic Games told them no, Apple went ahead and leaked the setlist before the Marshmello event ever happened.


Apple has continued with its unprofessional practices and has seemed petty throughout this entire journey. It’ll be interesting to see if anything else unravels during the first court date, this May.

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