Baizhu release date and Kaveh banner details: Genshin Impact 3.6 announcement and leaks

Baizhu and Kaveh (Image via Genshin Impact)
Baizhu and Kaveh (Image via Genshin Impact)

With the v3.5 update almost here, players are already excited for Genshin Impact's 3.6 version thanks to the recent reveal of Baizhu and Kaveh. Both of these characters were leaked a long time ago, giving everyone an estimated time of their arrival, and a brief idea of their kits and talents.

Genshin Impact's official social media accounts across all major platforms have recently revealed the official looks of both characters, as they're scheduled for release in 3.6. The first phase of the update and release date is expected to be on April 12, following the usual 21-day phase duration system.

Hence, players can expect the second phase of the update to appear on May 3, alongside possible reruns and new characters.

Disclaimer: This article is based on leaks, as the final release is subject to change. Readers should take everything mentioned here with a grain of salt.

Additional details on Baizhu and Kaveh for Genshin Impact 3.6

As mentioned earlier, Kaveh and Baizhu have been officially announced as upcoming characters in the 3.6 update. Although both have featured in several in-game quests and cutscenes on various occasions, v3.6 will be the very first time that players will have access to their playable models.

Baizhu has been revealed as a Dendro 5-star unit, who will most likely wield a Catalyst as his weapon. Kaveh will also be a Dendro character, but will wield a Claymore as a weapon.

Since the official dates for the character releases haven't been revealed yet, players can expect Baizhu to appear in the first phase of the Genshin Impact 3.6 update, with Kaveh arriving in the second half.

Once again, it must be noted that all of the information mentioned above is based on a leak that hasn't been provided with much context and readers should treat it as such. Additionally, there have been changes to both the character's kits from the initial leaks.

Kaveh is now expected to be a Dendro support, similar to what Kujou Sara is with the Electro element and Faruzan is with Anemo. One of the most recent Genshin Impact leaks refers to Kaveh with the following statement:

"Kaveh brings extremely significant benefits to Dendro dmg and EM (mostly Dendro dmg). For Alhaitham, Kaveh practically plays the role of Faruzan in Xiao teams. But his own capacity of Dendro dmg is limited."

Baizhu's kit consists of a shield and support role, with potential nerfs on the way within the existing beta.

On the topic of v3.6, players will most likely gain access to a brand new location within Liyue called Chenyu Vale. Additional information on both Baizhu and Kaveh alongside their banner dates is expected to be revealed with time.