Bungie has confirmed a new subclass for a potential release in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Destiny 2 poison subclass concept art (Image via OXyMOREmen)
Destiny 2 poison subclass concept art (Image via OXyMOREmen)

It has been a while since the Destiny 2 community has gotten new elements to work with. Despite Beyond Light feeling a bit underwhelming to some players, the newest Stasis subclass has changed the game for everyone in a lot of ways. Due to this, players have taken it upon themselves to theorize about the upcoming entry in the Guardian's arsenal.

"OXyMOREmen" is back with his Poison subclass concept for The Witch Queen, now in Stasis-style. #Destiny2 #BeyondLight

Based on the damage types from numerous weapons, Arc, Void, Stasis, and Solar can be wielded by the Guardians through their subclass trees. However, weapons such as Thorn and even Osteo Striga pose a lot more questions than answers. Due to their presence, players are wondering if the next subclass will have anything to do with decay or poison.

However, the confirmation on the new subclass came from Joe Blackburn in an interview last year.

The upcoming subclass might be linked to the ongoing threat in Destiny 2

Destiny 2's story and sandbox are far from over, as Bungie has been planning content for years to come. Typically, the developers will have to up their game every year and release new content that surpasses the old.

Typically, subclasses are one of these aspects that are improved upon. With the rework of Light subclasses in The Witch Queen expansion, some might say these are a whole new addition to the game altogether.

Destiny 2 ~ Season of the [REDACTED] launches May 24th at weekly reset! ✨ Year 5 Story continues✨ Light Subclass 3.0 Update (Solar or Arc) ✨ New Weapons & Armor ✨ New Dungeon And so much more…

However, Bungie tends to keep things ambiguous, be it the seasonal story or anything related to future releases. In an interview on @twitchgaming, Destiny 2's Game Director Joe Blackburn confirmed the addition of a new subclass, which might very well be targeted for a Lightfall release.

After being asked about a new darkness subclass, Joe said:

If we wanted to add another damage type to Destiny, we needed to take more time. So, we're not doing a new damage subtype in The Witch Queen. But, we have one in development, so you're gonna see it eventually, but we really wanna make sure we get it right.
here's the full clip from the stream about a new darkness subclass:…

The current seasonal story has also put forth a lot of interesting things that might eventually tie in with the next subclass. The overall infestation of Egregore throughout the derelict Leviathan and H.E.L.M. feels quite similar to the pyramid's arrival on different planets during Shadowkeep.


It wouldn't be surprising if Bungie puts a similar kind of narrative on the ongoing Egregore threat, and players start to wield it as well. If Stasis can be considered the Darkness Ice, Egregore can be said to be the Darkness Fungus, which might be related to either poison or time.

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