Bungie's associate weapons designer confirms future changes on Destiny 2 weapons and perks

Destiny 2 Beyond Light location, Europa (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Beyond Light location, Europa (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2 and perks have always gone well together, as getting a weapon means getting suitable perks for an activity. Each weapon comes with more than one type, consisting of a barrel or scope, alongside magazine types and unique traits in the last two columns. Bungie has been very active in releasing new perks with seasons, as players have gotten some great additions with time.

In a recent interview on Destiny Massive Breakdowns with Bungie's Associate weapons designer, Mercules, the latter talked about how they plan on different changes. Some even include significant permanent updates to the sandbox, while others are still under development.

Old Destiny 2 Raid and Dungeon weapons will get new perks and traits over time

The Destiny 2 database is overflowing with weapons across four different rarities. Out of those, players use the Legendary and Exotic types for the most part, as they provide unique and powerful perks to go with.

Some of these gears are locked behind endgame content, such as Raids and Dungeons, which have gotten out of touch due to the outdated perk combos.

In the interview, Merculer touched upon many subjects regarding the future of weapons in the game. He talked about how Bungie has been actively iterating on many things, as shown in the last Destiny 2 TWAB.

However, one of the most important things was his statement on old weapons and perks. Mercules said:

"Old Raid and Dungeon weapons will get perk refreshes and origin traits at some point in the future."

For example, old weapons such as Fatebringer from Vault of Glass or the Chattering Bone from Last Wish do not have an Origin trait paired with their normal perks. However, the newest Vow of the Disciple drops Legendary weapons with the Origin trait called "Souldrinker."

Adding to this, Mercules also said:

"Changes coming to the combat-style mod systems (Warmind Cell, CWL, Elemental Well) are coming in Nightfall."

He further added:

"Multiple perks per column for crafted weapons are being investigated and it's proving very difficult so no concrete plans for now. Agressive Fusion are (almost definitely) discountinued. There may be something that "builds on the lesson learned with them."


The entire concept of Origin traits was introduced in The Witch Queen expansion, which pretty much shifted a lot of meta in the game. While old weapons can be used at certain points, some gears still feel outdated due to the absence of extra perks.